Following the global success of March Of ThePenguins, French sales house Wild Bunch is re-teaming with France's Disney Naturefor The First Cry, a documentary from director Gilles De Maistre.

The First Cry focuses on 12 women in different countries all overthe world who are about to give birth. De Maistre andhis crews will trace the last 24 hours leading up to the moment each of thechildren takes their first breath outside the womb. Locations include Ghana, Siberia, Lapland, Nepal and France.

The fictionalised documentary is currently inproduction and will shoot through the next year on a budget of roughly $7.6m (Euros6m). Wild Bunch will have a promo reel at November's American Film Market whilethe film will be ready in time for Cannes 2007.

Buena Vista International France will release The First Cry in France with Lucky Red onboard for Italy. Pre-sales beginnext week at the Cannes Market.

This is the third film on which the two companies are collaborating -Luc Jacquet's follow up to Penguins, TheFox And The Child, will be ready in late 2007.