Former Focus Features production chief and now independent producerGlenn Williamson (whose latest film Hollywoodland received its world premiere in Venice yesterday) is to partnerwith Big Beach, the outfit behindbox-office hit Little Miss Sunshine,on Sunshine Cleaning.

BigBeach is fully financing the project, with a budget of about $7m. Shooting isdue to begin early next year. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are slated to star inthe film. New Zealand born Christine Jeffs, who previously made Rain and Sylvia, willdirect.

"It'sa character piece about a woman who starts up a business that cleans up aftersomeone dies," Williamson commented of the new project.

Speakingin Venice yesterday, Williamson gave further details ofanother new project he is developing through his production company, Back LotPictures. Wonderful World is billedas a $3-$5m character drama, being written and directed by Josh Goldin. The film is about a cynical divorcee who starts arelationship with an African woman. The cast is headlined by Matthew Broderickand Sophie Okonedo.

Meanwhile,Williamson is pushing ahead with TheFunnies, an adaptation of J. Robert Lennon's novel, with New Line. Adirector is expected to be announced shortly.

Hollywoodland, directed by AllenCoulter, is one of a number of recent noir-ish dramasset in post-war Los Angeles. Unlike Robert Towne's Ask The Dust (shot in South Africa) or Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia (shot in Sofia), the film was largelyshot in Los Angeles. "The scenes we shot in LA were all drivenby getting these key iconic exterior shots," Williamson explained of their decisionto shoot in the city.

Theensemble piece, which investigates the circumstances surrounding the mysteriousdeath of minor Hollywood actor George Reeves, was warmly received by the international press

Miramaxwill release the film in the US on Sept 8. "Venice has an overall glamourwhich we try to recreate in the movie," Williamson explained the decision tolaunch the film on the Lido.