UK-based Winchester Films has closed a host of deals to the Far East on its MGM comedy Heartbreakers.

The story of mother and daughter con artists went to Hong Kong (Delon), India (RDB), Indonesia (PT Multiplex), Philippines (AIX), Singapore (Shaw) and Taiwan (Long Shong).

The feature arm of listed media concern Winchester Entertainment sold US action thriller Soul Assassin to Japan (Mi-Pic), India (RDB), Indonesia (Amero Mitra) and Portugal (Lusomundo). Directed by Larry Malkin and starring Skeet Ulrich and Kristy Swanson, the picture also went to Russia (MGN/Paradise), Singapore (Cathay), Iceland (Skifan), Scandinavia (Egmont) and Spain (Planeta 2010).

Animated UK feature Christmas Carol - The Movie went to Jumbo for Taiwan and Thailand. The $12m adaptation of the Dickens classic, which features the voices of Nicolas Cage, Kate Winslet and Simon Callow, was also licensed to Skifan for Iceland and MGN/Paradise for Russia.

Skifan also picked up Fred Schepisi's $12m Last Orders for Iceland, MGN/Paradise took Russia. Other deals saw Kevin Elders' $8m Jane Doe going to Scandinavia's Egmont and Korea's GMI, with Paradiso picking up Phillip Goodhew's Another Life for Benelux.