Pusher and FearX director Nicolas Winding Refn is lining up a new film about a mute Vikingcalled Valhalla Rising.

Mads Mikkelsen will play theViking who escapes from imprisonment in Scotland who accidentally discoversAmerica on his journey home.

The film is expected to be shotwith handheld camera and a relatively small film crew in Norway, Scotland andCanada.

Winding Refn has written the storywith Norwegian writer Roy Jacobsen and the financing process is moving forwardwith an expected shoot one year from now and the film going into cinemas beforethe end of 2006.

The budget is around $5m. ValhallaRising is described as being inspired by Mad Max and Deliverancebut set in the tenth century.

The film is being produced by Refn's producer and partner inindependent NWR, Henrik Danstrup.

The pair's next cinema premiere in Denmark is Pusher IIIin August.