Kate Winslet, Emily Mortimerand Jonathan Rhys Meyers are confirmed for Woody Allen's thirty-sixth feature.

Allen is to start shootingin and around London this month on what will be a rare shoot outside of NewYork.

"I'm very excited about theprospect of making a film in London," he said. "I have a great admiration forEnglish actors and actresses and have used them at every opportunity over theyears, but now I won't have to import them to New York. My family and I lovethe idea of spending the summer here. I only hope I can live up to the highstandards of British movies I grew up with."

Currently untitled, theentirely British production is being produced by Letty Aronson, Lucy Darwin andGareth Wiley, with Stephen Tenenbaum executive producing. Hanway Films ishandling international sales, with backing from BBC Films, Magic Hour Media,Thema Production, Invicta Capital and the Bank of Ireland.

British creative talentattached include production Designer Jim Clay, director of photography RemiAdesfarian and costume designer Jill Taylor. The casting directors are JulietTaylor in New York and Gail Stevens in London.