Michael Winterbottom hastaken an early bath on Goal!, the football film starring Diego Luna thatthe British director was pre-shooting in Newcastle.

Revolution Films, thecompany Winterbottom runs with producer Andrew Eaton, this week confirmed localpress reports that the British director had left the project, citing creativedifferences.

The first film in a plannedtrilogy was set-up as a three-way co-production between Milkshake Films, IconEntertainment and Revolution, with Eaton producing alongside Mike Jefferies,Matt Barrelle and Bruce Davey.

"This company and the othercompanies wanted to make two different films," said Revolution. "It was allvery amicable."

Goal! isto start shooting in the UK imminently, with Pulp Fiction and Kill Billproducer Lawrence Bender executive producing.

The first film in thetrilogy follows a Latino football player when he moves to the UK to play for atop-flight Premiership team. The second and third films in the trilogy willfollow the player as he moves to a club in Spain, and then plays in the WorldCup, although Winterbottom was only confirmed for the first film.