The Killer Inside Me, the latest collaboration between director Michael Winterbottom and producer Andrew Eaton, has been saved after securing new funding. The $13m projectwas close to collapse after it lost key financial support.

The film had to secure new funding by today (April 3) or it faced losing actors Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. It lost its funding from Barbarian Film and Ocean Media at the end of last year.

Producer Eaton confirmed the production isclose to signing adeal with Canada-based private investor Hero Entertainment, which will provide about 20% of the budget.The rest of the finance is from pre-sales deals, which have been handled by Wild Bunch internationally, and Endeavor in the US. It was widely sold at AFM.

Eatondescribed the deal as a ‘relief’ and added he had been through ‘one of the longest prep periods I have ever had’. He said that he was hopeful that shooting could begin the next six to eight weeks. Chris Hanely, Robert Weinbach and Bradford Schlei are also producing the film.

The film had been due to start shooting in Oklahoma at the end of January.

The Indion Entertainment Group is still involved with the film.

The project is an adaption of Jim Thompson’s novel. The psychological thriller follows a West Texas sheriff and his descent into violent psychosis.