Digital pioneer Withoutabox has expanded its services for independent film-makers into Europe through a deal with UK-based distributor.

The LA company will be represented bt Andy Whittaker, MD of London-based Dogwoof.

It is a statement of intent for Withoutabox, which has rapidly expanded since being founded seven years ago by UCLA film school graduates David Straus and Joe Neulight,

The business began as a means of easing entry into film festivals for independent film-makers. It developed the Withoutabox Submissions, connecting film-makers to more than 2,000 film festivals worldwide.

Those connections will be further enhanced by the European deal.

The company has also developed a range of services for its membership of 120,000 film-makers in 120 countries, covering a wide range of film.

'We have everything for what the traditional industry might consider commercial and independent,' says Straus.

The company has ambitions beyond self-distribution, says founder David Straus.

'We want to empower film-makers to manage their own work - not just with distribution but self-distribution, self-marketing.

It has moved into the social networking space that has been dominated by the likes of MySpace and the Apple Movie Store.

'It's not about one soilution but integrating many many solutions. This is not about competing with MySpace it's about integrating trhe next 10,000 or 100,000 MySpaces,' said Straus.

Having a representative in Europe will support the goal of democratising the film-making process, he says, with personalised support.

'Our philosophy is that you cannot just throw something at the web and expect results. One on one contact is important and that is why we put people on the ground.

The company's new partner is Andy Whittaker, founder of Dogwoof, which has been distributing films across all platforms.

Whitaker says the relationship will support the profile of Withoutabox outside the US, and not just the UK.

'We have relationships all over Europe,' says Whittaker.

Withoutabox are the official partner in this year's fourth Annual Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.

The company is managing the event's film registration process, including solicitation, management and promotion of films.