Eyal Halfon's corrosive view of foreign labor in Israel, Whata Wonderful Place, won two of the top Wolgin awards at the 22ndJerusalem Film Festival.

What a Wonderful Place won the best film prizeand the best male performance prize for Uri Gavriel.

Earlier this month Eyal Halfon's film won a grand jury prizeand best actor prize at Karlovy Vary.

The Wolgin competition, restricted to Israeli films, hadonly four full length features contenders to choose from this year, after2004's deluge of 15.

The slump was caused partly by cash flow problems theIsraeli film funds encountered a couple of years ago, delaying the start ofseveral productions. A number of worried producers also preferred not to unveiltheir films at the festival and face the sharp tongues of local reviewersbefore their films receive a commercial release.

The entry most favored by local critics, Close to Homeby Vidi Bilu and Dalia Hager - a close, intimate view of two young femalesoldiers patrolling the streets of Jerusalem - had to settle for best script.

The festival launched on July 7 with the local premiere ofSpielberg's War of the Worlds. 250 titles this year, some 190 of themfeature length, unspooled at the event.