Adding to their big-ticket Wong Kar-wai film A Lady From Shanghai, StudioCanal hascome to Cannes boasting a new collaboration with John Woo and a line-up thatincludes films from RichardGrandpierre and directors Diane Kurys and Xavier Beauvois

The studio is also promising a surprise visitfrom Sydney Pollack.

Woo, who is also on the Cannes jury, will oversee the remake of threefilms from the StudioCanal library under the Thriller Collection label. StudioCanal will not be selling the series at Cannes.

The films were chosen along with Woo and producing partner TerrenceChang's French partners, Hugo Bergson and Frederic Coquelin of BlackmaskProductions. The latter two will co-produce the series.

Films include: 1968's Adieu L'Ami, Rene Clement's Rider OnThe Rain and Robin Davis' Le Choc. Woo also recently signedwith Paramount to direct the remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's Le CercleRouge, also from the StudioCanal library. All of the projects are currently indevelopment.

On the slate, Them is from first time directors David Moreau andXavier Palud. Pure genre, the horror film is budgeted at Euros 1.8m andproduced by Grandpierre, producer of the Brotherhood Of The Wolf

StudioCanal also recently acquired latest film from Diane Kurys, TheBirthday starring Lambert Wilson, Jean-Hughes Anglade, Michele Laroque andIsabella Ferrari. Sales on the comedy, currently in post-production, begin atCannes.

Xavier Beauvois' Le Petit Lieutenant stars Nathalie Baye andJalil Lespert in a return to the French cop dramas of the 80s. Baye is arecovering alcoholic still dealing with the tragic loss of her son. Herinspector takes Lespert's rookie cop under her wing. Tragedy, however, strikesagain.

And, director Sydney Pollack will make an appearance in director DanieleThompson's latest Orchestra Seats. Pollack plays a director inthe comedy set in the theater world and also starring Laura Morante, Cecile deFrance, Albert Dupontel, Claude Brasseur and Thompson's son and writing partnerChristopher.