This month's International Film Festival Rotterdam will showcase eight world premieres in its centrepiece section, the VPRO Tiger Award Competition.

Titles debuting in the 14-film competition include Eliane Caffe's Brazilian-French film Jave Valley (Os Narradores De Jave); China's Welcome To Destination Shanghai (Mu Di Di Shanghai), directed by Andrew Cheng; and Icelandic director Dagur Kari's Noi The Albino. From the UK come Simon Pummell's Bodysong and Penny Woolcock's The Principles Of Lust, while Larisa Sadilova's With Love. Lilja represents Russia.

Dedicated to first or second features, the competition also includes world premieres for Andre van der Hout's Dutch film The Arm Of Jesus (De Arm Van Jezus) and Grieta, by Argentina's Santiago Loza.

International premieres go to Park Chan-Ok's South Korea film Jealousy Is My Middle Name (Jiltoo-Neun Na-e Him); Franco-Belgian title Olga's Chignon (Le Chignon D'Olga); Canada's Marion Bridge; Japan's Kakuto; and 1/2 Rent, by Germany's Marc Ottiker. Journey Of The Gray Men (Safar-e Mardan-e Khanestari), an Iranian-Japanese film, receives a European premiere. The festival runs Jan 22 - Feb 2.