An eclectic range of talentrubs shoulders in the 57th Annual Writers Guild Awards nominations announced yesterday (13).

In the original screenplay category there are nominations for John Logan for The Aviator, Charlie Kaufman for Eternal Sunshine Of TheSpotless Mind, Zach Braff for GardenState, Keir Pearson and Terry Georgefor Hotel Rwanda, and Bill Condonfor Kinsey.

In the adapted screenplaycategories the nominees are: Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke forBefore Sunset, based on a storyby Linklater and Kim Krizan; Tina Fey for Mean Girls, based on Rosalind Wiseman’s novel “Queen Bees AndWannabes”; Paul Haggis for Million Dollar Baby, based on FX Toole’s “Rope Burns”; Jose Rivera for TheMotorcycle Diaries, based on thebooks “Notas De Viaje” by Ernesto Guevara and “Con El Che Por America Latina”by Alberto Granado; and Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor for Sideways, based on the novel by Rex Pickett.

Logan won a Writers GuildAward in 2001 in the adapted long form category for his RKO 281 teleplay. Kaufman has received two WGA nominations,for Adaptation in 2003 and for BeingJohn Malkovich in 2000.

Braff and Pearson get theirfirst WGA nominations, while Pearson’s Hotel Rwanda partner George shared a WGA nomination with JimSheridan in 1994 for In The Name Of The Father.

Condon earned nominationsfor Gods And Monsters in 1999 andfor Chicago in 2003.

Of the adapted screenplaynominees, Fey has received a number of TV nominations, winning in 2001 for SaturdayNight Live; Payne and Taylor won in2000 for Election and werenominated in 2003 for About Schmidt.This is Jose Rivera’s first WGA nomination.

The 57th Annual WritersGuild Awards will take place on Feb 19 simultaneously in Los Angeles and NewYork to accommodate its East and West chapters.