Digital cinema service XDC is deploying SmartJog’s digital delivery network to 100 cinemas in Portugal, Belgium and Austria.

The system also provides cinemas with a storage library for DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages).

XDC will also use SmartJog for the delivery of DCPs, and SmartJog will use the XDC Digital Content Lab for joint mastering and electronic delivery services, as well as to supply a fast emergency recovery support.

“We selected SmartJog because it offers robust electronic satellite distribution and a library management system for DCP storage,” says Thierry Van der Kaa, VP Information Systems & Operations, XDC. “The SmartJog library is fully integrated with our Theatre Management System. This enables full technical installation, avoiding useless duplication of equipment.”

SmartJog currently has around 300 cinemas and 1,300 digital screens connected to its network in Europe. XDC plans to deploy SmartJog services to an additional 100 cinemas over the next two years.