French animation production house Xilam has acquired the rights to fully computer-animated feature film Kaena -- co-financed and handled worldwide by StudioCanal -- following the bankrupcy of the original producer, Chaman Production.

StudioCanal has already widely sold the Euros12m title -- which is scheduled to be completed by year-end -- the only major territories still available being France, the UK, the US and Italy.

Chaman, which had made large-scale investments in the development of online video games, was unable to find a publishing partner and was forced to file for bankruptcy. Xilam now also hold the rights to Kaena - the video game.

In its first set of results since floating on Paris' second tier stockmarket in February, Xilam announced half-year turnover of Euros6.5m, a 56% hike compared to the previous year. Net profit in the full year is expected to swell 80%, to Euros300,000.

The company specialises in animated television programmes -- mostly half-hour series, such as Oggy And The Cockroaches which was successfully screened on Fox Network in the US, and Home To Rent -- which represented 95% of the sales.