EXCLUSIVE: XLrator Media will co-produce, release in the US and oversee international distribution on three action-thrillers.

XLrator will co-produce, release in the US and oversee international distribution on the slate.

Gordon is one of a small coterie of savvy low-overhead players in US distribution who want to build a sustainable model for films and avoid ‘statement buys’ that are liable to run out of steam after the first window.

The move comes hot on the heels of a similar pact on sci-fi thrillers that XLrator struck with New Artists Alliance.

Michael Hurst’s time-travel story Paradox kicks off the RNR slate and will commence shooting in spring for a 2016 release.

Rick Benattar, who runs RNR with Nigel Thomas and Robert Menzies, produced Ironclad and Ironclad: Battle For Blood, both of which XLrator released in North America.

“We see this as an opportunity to expand our relationship with our existing partners like Netflix and Amazon and with some companies in key territories,” said Gordon. “We have an informal conversation about creating a global releasing network, so we can control our destiny more.”

He continued: “As platforms like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and other new ‘pure-play’ OTT and traditional TV networks expand globally, XLrator Media is building out its global content business through the acquisition of worldwide rights as well as co-producing films for which it will control all rights.

“Moving into global production and distribution will allow us to reverse engineer high-quality content at efficient budgets for the new multi-platform universe.

“It also allows us to build a new, streamlined finance-production-distribution model that empowers independent producers and financiers to mutually develop content based on current market trends and the needs of the global digital content landscape which is poised to grow rapidly over the next few years.”