Alliance Atlantis Communications is changing its managementstructure, with chairman and CEO Michael MacMillan assuming the title ofexecutive chairman while Phyllis Yaffe, currently chief operating officer, willassume the CEO title.

In a statement,the company said the changes in the management structure were "designed tofurther align it with the company's focus on maintaining exceptionalperformance and continuing our strategic growth within the broadcast industry."

As executivechairman, MacMillan will continue to focus on the long-term growth and directionof the company while Ms. Yaffe will assume responsibility for leading thecompany in achieving its financial and operating goals.

Said MacMillanin a statement, "The reality is that Phyllis already has responsibility for theoperating businesses of the company and I believe it is appropriate that shehave the full authority and the office of CEO. Becoming Executive Chair allowsme to shift my perspective, and to dedicate the appropriate time and resourcesto long-term planning and growth strategies for Alliance Atlantis."