Springfield's favourite family held on to the top spot as The Simpsons Movie generated $24.1m in its third week, pushing it well past the $200m mark. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix trailed behind, taking $23.8m over the three-day period for $548.4m to date. And Disney's Ratatouille continued to prove a popular dish - the animated adventure passed $100m after taking $18.6m in its seventh week despite dropping from five territories. Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer re-entered the chart at number five and amassed $11.9m from 1,900 screens - the comic-book heroes took $3.5m in their first weekend in Spain and opened to $2m in South Korea. Bollywood hit Chak De! India and South Korean horror Return entered the top 20 this weekend along with bigger-budget studio films Rush Hour 3, The Bourne Ultimatum and Stardust.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)The Simpsons Movie (US)$24,122,5706,629$232,021,49455
2(4)Harry Potter And the ... Phoenix (US-UK)$23,871,8727,514$548,398,22761
3(3)Ratatouille (US)$18,685,0003,247$119,271,00022
4(2)Transformers (US)$16,284,2365,195$329,412,85750
5*Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$11,960,7401,900$122,935,7079
6(5)D-War (S Kor)$10,194,778623$37,812,4822
7NewRush Hour 3 (US)$9,610,041677$9,610,0417
8(6)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$7,181,4412,153$204,726,92921
9(8)Evan Almighty (US)$6,101,4151,867$23,068,07124
10(7)May 18 (S Kor)$5,231,974450$32,289,6371
11(23)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$5,175,5281,159$168,252,10840
12(26)Surf's Up (US)$5,124,4871,549$13,197,76030
13NewThe Bourne Ultimatum (US)$4,248,683370$4,248,68311
14(20)License To Wed (US)$3,404,6421,172$5,819,77911
15NewStardust (UK-US)$2,960,453400$2,960,4531
16NewChak De! India (Ind)$2,846,537503$2,846,53717
17(9)Shrek The Third (US)$2,316,9412,600$412,087,08026
18(13)Hairspray (US)$1,852,715667$20,610,9276
19NewReturn (S Kor)$1,672,826235$2,318,7791
20(16)Pokemon 2007 (Jap)$1,632,794351$31,282,0361
21NewA Girl Cut In Two (Fr)$1,529,004292$1,529,0041
22(18)Monkey Magic (Jap)$1,480,591461$25,209,3321
23(22)Because I Said So (US)$1,301,193379$20,284,65110
24(10)Flash Point (HK)$1,261,998338$4,314,7713
25(12)Masked Rider Den-o (Jap)$1,221,087266$4,766,1491
26(14)Cash (Ind)$1,145,135517$5,512,02714
27(48)No Reservations (US)1,075,351482$3,429,3659
28(15)Naruto Shippuden: The Movie (Jap)$969,843250$4,826,7001
29(11)Secret (HK)$951,097407$4,659,6523
30(31)Fracture (US)$931,666341$39,302,71119
31(17)Partner (Ind)$903,316423$20,853,26111
32(32)Next (US)$834,147482$33,881,3637
33(30)Death Proof (US)$777,116545$20,533,47014
34(19)Knocked Up (US)$753,930458$16,820,9629
35NewThe Odd Couple (Thai)$733,816142$733,8161
36(21)Epitaph (S Kor)$713,546175$3,608,9641
37*Meet The Robinsons (US)$621,000244$55,297,0006
38(24)1408 (US)$608,101272$6,643,30210
39(46)Mr Brooks (US)$587,431351$4,577,1098
40(29)Vacancy (US)$580,311491$9,693,64920
*Re-entry. (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady