The UK's video-on-demand (VoD) operator, Yes Television has struck deals with Buena Vista International, BBC Worldwide and MTV Networks Asia to supply programming for its new Hong Kong service.

Local content is set to come from AOL Time Warner's CETV, Mei Ah Film Production, Universe Films, Sun TV, Regentact and Power TV.

Yes will next month launch a pilot of its Hong Kong service that combines true VoD, broadcast TV and internet access. The broadcast element will start off with two channels; English language service The Hallmark Channel and Chinese entertainment channel Zhong Tian from Power TV.

Awarded one of five pay-TV licences in Hong Kong last year, Yes TV may be one of only two to actually go ahead with pay-TV services.

Given the difficulties the company is experiencing obtaining ADSL phone lines in the UK at what it judges to be a fair price, the thrust of Yes TV's expansion is now in Hong Kong and, especially, Australia.

"We have a strong team of buyers world-wide actively searching for the best content to give our customers top a quality viewing experience" said Huang, who will work closely with content teams in Australia, the US and the UK.