Young Adam dominatedthe Scottish BAFTA Awards held on Sunday, winning a clean sweep of the majorprizes.

DavidMackenzie's adaptation of the Alexander Trocchi novel set in 1950s Scotland wasawarded Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress for Tilda Swinton and Best Actorfor Ewan McGregor.

SergioCasci won the Screenplay award for the comedy American Cousins withDown's Syndrome actress Paula Sage chosen as Best Newcomer for her role on Afterlife.

Establishedto recognise talent at all levels of the Scottish industry, the awards fieldeda stellar line-up of presenters including Peter Mullan, Ian Hart, Jamie Sives,Billy Boyd, Scottish-based animator Sylvain Chomet and Brian Cox.

The 59year-old Cox was also the recipient of an award for Lifetime Contribution tothe industry honouring a career that stretches over thirty years from NicholasAnd Alexandra(1971) to In Celebration(1973), Manhunter(1986),L.I.E (2001) and supporting roles in a string of Hollywood blockbustersincluding X-Men 2(2003), The Bourne Supremacy(2004) and Troy(2004).