Korean production houseYounggu Art has hired a top-flight Hollywood crew to finish post-production onits multi-million dollar sci-fi epic D-War, which was recently picked up for international sales by Korea'sShowbox.

Directed by Shim Hyung-raeand starring Jason Behr and Amanda Brooks, the English-language film, about agiant serpent on the rampage in Los Angeles, is being edited by Steve Mirkovichwhose credits include Con Air andThe Passion Of The Christ(re-cut). Steve Jablonsky (TheIsland) has come on board as composer and Mark Mangini (16 Blocks) as sound designer.

More than six years in themaking - and scheduled for release in Korea this November -- the film was shotin LA and used a mostly US-based crew including cinematographer HubertTaczanowski. The budget is rumoured to be in the $100m-$150m range.