Director Brian Yuzna has begun shooting on Rottweiler, his latest contribution to Filmax's FantasticFactory genre division.

The film will shoot for seven weeks in and around Barcelona.The story follows a young man who,following his escape from an EU prison in Spain for African immigrants, setsout to find his lover. Hot on his trail is a ferocious, metal-toothed dog.

William Miller (The Mix),Irene Montala (Fauto 5.0),Paulina Galvez (L'Auberge Espagnole), Paul Naschy (School Killer) and Lluis Homar (Bad Education) star. Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa wrote the script from his own novel, TheDog (El Perro), adapted to film previouslyin 1976 by director Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi.