German broadcaster ZDF is backing Peruvian road movie Y Si Te Vi, No Me Acuerdo, the directorial debut of Miguel Barreda Delgado which started production June 5 in Lima.

The film, about an ex-pat Peruvian who returns home after many years, is being shot in the digital format but there are plans to transfer it to 35mm for its theatrical release.

Peruvian-born Barreda, who also wrote the screenplay, studied at the Berlin Academy of Film and Television. His credits include several documentaries and short films such as Portrait Of A Lover As A Tired Man which won an honorary mention at the Berlin Film Festival in 1997.

Y Si Te Vi is being produced by Swiss-born producer Stefan Kaspar who runs an arthouse cinema in Lima and has feature credits including Augusto Tamayo's Anda, Corre, Vuela and Aldo Salvini's Kentishani. Germany's Volker Ullrich, manager of Kanguruh-Film, will also produce.