Indian broadcaster Zee Network launched two 24-hour satellite channels on Saturday (March 18) - an English-language entertainment channel, called Zee English, and an English-language film channel, Zee Movies.

Zee has acquired more than 700 films from US and UK companies for the launch, including Warner Bros International Television, MGM and CBS in the US and Pearson Television International and Carlton International in the UK. The broadcaster is also reportedly in talks with the movie arms of Hollywood studios to boost its supply line even further.

Zee Network CEO R.K. Singh told Screen International: "Zee English is a channel for young people, adults and all those residing in cities and the regional corners of India that are thirsting for international entertainment".

Beamed from the AsiaSat3 satellite, Zee Movies' line-up includes classics such as Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock movies and the Carry On series. The programming mix on Zee English includes international stalwarts such as Here's Lucy, Friends, The Benny Hill Show, ER, The Twilight Zone, Roseanne and The Late Show With David Letterman.