Wrong Side Up, the latest film from Czechdirector Petr Zelenka, has been chosen for competition at the 27th MoscowInternational Film Festival (June 17-26).

The film, released in the Czech Republic in February 2005, has already rackedup more than 200.000 admissions in its domestic market. 'We're very happyto see Wrong Side Up make its international premiere in Moscow,'producer Pavel Strnad of Negativ, the Czech production company primarilyresponsible for the film, said in a statement.

Wrong Side Up also attracted buyers during the Cannes market. Deals wereconcluded last week with Gutek Films of Poland and Luster Film of Croatia for theatrical, home video and TV rights for their respectiveterritories. The world sales agent for the film is CP 2000.

Wrong Side Up is a Czech-German-Slovak co-production. The producers are:from the Czech Republic, Negativ s.r.o. (Pavel Strnad, MilanKuchynka) and Ceskaprodukcni 2000 (Petr Chajda, Tomas Hoffman); from Germany, Pegasos Film (KarlBaumgartner, Ernst Szebeditz); and from Slovakia, SisaArt (Silvia Dubecka). Thefeature was granted support by the Czech Film Fund, Germany's Hessen-InvestFilm and the Slovak Ministry of Culture. Czech television broadcaster Nova alsocontributed to the production.