Zenpix, the domesticdistribution joint venture between Susan Jackson and Jon Kramer's PromarkEntertainment Group, has launched an international sales arm which will seek toacquire, invest finishing funds in and distribute films in both the domesticand international markets.

Jackson will work withPromark's vice presidents of international sales Eric Bernstein andAnnouchka Lesoeur to sell Zenpix's current and future film library tointernational buyers. At AFM, rights will be available on Zenpix filmsincluding Briar Patch and AnneB Real.

Zev Berman directed BriarPatch, a thriller starring DominiqueSwain as a backwoods beauty married to an abusive thief (Henry Thomas) whocreates a chaotic murder scheme to escape her marriage. Anne B Real is the coming-of-age story of an 18 year-old rapperwho finds her public voice through the diaries of Anne Frank. It stars newcomerJnyce with Ernie Hudson and Carlos Leon.

Other Zenpix pictures at AFMinclude Venus And Mars, a romancefinanced by Buena Vista Germany, immigrant drama No Turning Back and The Rising Place directed by Tom Rice and starring Bill Campbell,Frances Fisher and Tess Harper.

Jackson was formerlyhead of BMG Independents, after which she established her own representationbusiness Turtle's Crossing in 1999. She executive produced Toronto 2002horror hit Cabin Fever.