First there was Dogme. Now Danish maverick outfit Zentropa has a launched a new label - this time with even more confining rules. Industrial Films DK will champion ultra-low budget films from new directing talent.

In a bid to keep cost right down, one of the requirements of the new label is that film-makers shoot within a 500x500m geographical frame.

The label idea came from Zentropa head honcho Peter Aalbaek Jensen, who says he is fed up of seeing promising new filmmakers spend years on short films before making their feature debut.

"I was thinking of how we could cut down on cost even further and rationalise even more than the Dogme-films which didn't actually have the low-budgets as part of their rules" Jensen says.

Six newcomers are being lined up to make six new films - all using the same crew, facilities, locations and props. So far the names of the directors will only be known by potential investors, who will most likely be national broadcaster DR and the Danish Film Institute.

The six stories selected are crowd-pleasing rather than the arty, says producer Louise Vesth, who will handle the projects with fellow newcomer Tine Grew Pfeiffer.

Genres range from drama to comedy and children's films. The total budget for all six films is no more than $4m and they shoot in 2003.

Trust Film Sales handle international sales and Peter Aalbaek Jensen will executive produce.