Peter Aalbaek Jensen, co-founder and producer at progressive Danish production outfit Zentropa, is setting up an offshoot - Zentropa Internationale - to oversee projects for the company not originating in Denmark

Ole Sondberg will head up the new outfit's financial department while Lars Duus will steer the drama department. Sondberg and Duus were both formerly with now Egmont-owned Victoria Film.

The company, which will be based at Copenhagen's Filmbyen film-making centre, will work in close collaboration with Zentropa partners across the globe. Zentropa has a wide affiliate network of production outfits in countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, UK, US, France, Germany and Korea; but although Internationale will work alongside these companies it will also set up productions of its own.

Internationale is currently developing three or four projects, and while Jensen wouldn't give details he confirmed that the Dogme philosophy was likely to be adopted by some Internationale films. Sondberg and Duus also hope the new outfit will give Danish film-makers an international breakthrough.