Mainland Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yuan has been arrested for drug abuse following a police raid on his Beijing home that was broadcast on local television.

The Beijing TV report showed police raiding Zhang's apartment where he appeared to be taking drugs with four artist friends. He was later charged for using ketamine and crystal methamphetamine.

During the raid, Zhang shouted at the police claiming they had no right to enter his apartment, but became silent when the police found drugs on the table.

On the same night, Beijing police also raided a sound engineering post lab in Beijing's Haidian district, and arrested sound technician Wu Lala and cinematographer Xie Zhengyu, who have worked with Zhangand other acclaimed directors such asZhang Yimou and Lu Chuan.

According to the Beijing TV report, Zhang and his friends, as well as Wu Lala and Xie Zhengyu, all tested positive on the above drugs after providing urine samples and were taken to spend 10 days in custodyat a police station.

Chinese press reported that Zhang faces a drug rehab programme, but may also face a prison sentence if it can be proved that he instigated other people to take drugs.

Prior to the arrest, Zhang has been preparing the project One Night In Beijing and a China-Japan co-production with Toybe Entertainment.

One of the most prominent directors of the so-called Six-Generation filmmakers in China, Zhang's renowned works include Beijing Bastards (1993), East Palace, West Palace (1996), Seventeen Years (1999), Green Tea (2003) and Little Red Flowers (2005).