Zinc Entertainment, adivision of Silver Pictures, and GRB Entertainment have expanded their existingalliance by agreeing to co-produce and distribute five television movies overthe next two years.

The first two projects, TheForerunner and Body Armor, will be available this year's AFM, where GRB istaking a suite for the first time.

All TV movies under thenew development/production arm will have EC content and be produced throughoutEurope with US and international talent.

The action thriller TheForerunner, written by AndyHartnell, is the story of a man haunted by premonitions of future events and isset to begin filming next year; and Body Armor, by Ken Lamplugh and John Weidner, concerns aretired bodyguard who is pulled back into action by the US Government toprotect the infamous assassin who ruined his life.

' Our pastexperience with theatrical feature films will be a great asset to producing topquality telefilms,' noted Zinc's chief Steve Richards, alluding to SilverPictures' involvement in some 40 theatrical releases including the LethalWeapon, Die Hard, and The Matrix franchises. These 40 films have averaged more than $100m each at theworldwide box office

Upcoming Zinc releasesinclude the next film in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, Dungeons & Dragons: The ElementalMight, shot over Summer 2004.

GRB Entertainment isknown as a leading producer and distributor of non-fiction programming. Foundedin 1987 by Gary R Benz, GRB currently turns out over 100 hours annually ofprime time programming for the US and international television markets.