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  • A Princely Mall Date

    I have to admit I was a bit wary of attending a glitzy film premiere…in a mall. Stars and gowns don’t mix with a browse around Claire’s Accesssories in my book. But Disney’s May 9 launch of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time turned out to be quite impressive.About 1825 people saw the film at the Vue Westfield on that Sunday evening — seven screens of the all-digital facility were employed, I felt lucky to be in the same theatre with Jakey G and Gemma Arterton’s big dress.
  • Avatar day - the verdict

    He has built it, they will come
  • Besson Gets BIFFF'd

    The seemingly perfect sense of patience and good nature of the fiercely loyal fantasy fans attending the world premiere of Luc Besson’s new film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec was tested to the limit at its sell out screening.
  • Betting on the Palme

    Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has placed 3/1 odds on Ken Loach’s last minute competition entry Route Irish to scoop the Palme D’Or.
  • Box office busters

    They came, they conquered: who ruled the world in Summer 2009? A look at the tentpole winners and losers…
  • Candid Canapes

    Cannes 2010
  • Chaos reigns for Lars in France

    After six weeks, Antichrist has barely nudged past $1.1m in Charlotte Gainsbourg’s home territory
  • Competition early days

    Mike Leigh gets the applause
  • Countdown to Venice

    Touching base with Marco Mueller days before Venice kicks off….
  • Desert roses

    Business as usual in Dubai, with the region’s film-makers showing off their finest wares
  • Emerging in the Market

    Critics and buyers are happier as Toronto premieres start to ease up. Emerging marketsWith most of the big titles finished their press screenings at least in Toronto, notices have been warming up and some favourites are emerging…To wit-- Scott Hicks’ Australia-set The Boys Are Back, with Clive Owen as the widowed father of two young sons, has been drawing raves as a smart, good-looking crow
  • Everyone dies in the end

    City of Life and Death is hardly an upbeat title - but despite it’s disturbing omission from several major festivals, it’s one of the best around
  • Exhibitor breaks out the champagne

    Vue for yourself: record figures in the UK
  • Festival scrum

    After Vento, festivals are still pumping out the premieres: but who is watching?
  • Fete du Cinema is a Very Bad Trip for French films

    The annual three-day ticket-sales booster moves up to a week, but Hollywood is the main beneficiary of French largesse
  • Gavras all in

    A hot film talent is behind the amazing new Adidas advert.
  • Get ready for Toronto

    Vaporettos land in the Toronto capital; time to get serious about the business of awards.
  • Great British white hope

    It’s been a flat year for UK cinema, but there’s some good news out of London
  • Horrors of the Gulf

    Somehow one just doesn't associate horror genre films with movies from the United Arab Emirates.
  • Hot at Toronto

    As the weekend draws to a close, people are talking about….
  • Leaping Leopards: Locarno's line-up

    What’s hot at Locarno? - a close look at the titles world-premiering at Switzerland’s August festival
  • Let the fun begin...

    Dear readers, we’re re-launching a new and improved Diary Blog here at ScreenDaily.
  • Lido lustre

    Venice daze: Marco has something for everyone - including more US titles than Cannes - but the Lido is going to be a “construction site” in September….oh, and, there’ll be no market when the new Palazzo opens, either
  • Marco's Venice daze

    Venice, Toronto, Locarno, San Sebastian: they’re all screening right now. What’s on Marco Mueller’s list?
  • Metal madness in Athens

    The Greek capital’s nimble fest throws up a winner in Until The Light Takes Us
  • Moomins and the volcanic ash cloud

    Cannes 2010
  • No Cannes Do

    Cannes 2010
  • No Greek tragedy for Helen Mirren

    The UK’s National Theatre goes into self-distribution with a live broadcast on over 270 movie screens worldwide; the result is close to a sell-out.
  • Overheard at Cannes...

    Just a few telling comments overheard at Cannes events this week…“Fireworks. The recession must be over.”Industry veteran at the Marche opening party “But I have meetings tomorrow.”Woman at Abu Dhabi party who realized her henna tattoo wasn’t going to wash off. “Where’s Doha?”Asked of me four times at Doha party, which a few people described as their fave event of Cannes thus far. (The a
  • Partying Stones style?

    It could have been up there with the most spectacular Cannes parties ever — but alas, there will not be any festival visitors engaging in drunken revelry at the famed Villa Nellcote in Villefranche-sur-Mer.That’s the famed mansion where The Rolling Stones holed up as tax exiles in 1972, where they started work that would become Exile On Main Street. The villa gets plenty of screen time in Stephen Kijak’s Stones In Exile, which premieres in Directors Fortnight on May 19. (The film inclu
  • Petit Majestic Threat

    The much-used Cannes bar the Petit Majestic is under threat
  • Russell Crowe tries a little Tenderness...

    …but does a single screen in London’s West End for a solitary week constitute a UK “release” for John Polson’s drama?
  • Sexy Beast

    Sarah Cooper hangs out with the sons of acting royalty on the set of Christopher Granier Deferre’s directorial debut.
  • Stars rising

    Former Stars of Tomorrow make us proud….
  • The Diary Blog

    Screen’s reporters and editors take you behind the headlines and catch up on the industry chatter from parties, events, and screenings.
  • The name's Johnson. Boris Johnson.

    London’s mayor cracks us up at studio launch.
  • The not-so-merry Robin Hood

    Despite giant waves battering the beaches last week, volcanic dust clouds this week and the non-appearance of Ridley Scott, director of opening night film Robin Hood (he is recovering from knee surgery), the 63rd Cannes film festival last night officially got underway.Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood has received mixed reviews with its rebooting of the outlaw’s tale but he and co-star Cate Blanchett brought some real A-list presence to the red carpet opening night. Blanchett, every inch the
  • The pluck of the Irish

    Should you happen to chance upon it - and that seems like a long shot - His & Hers really is worth seeing…..
  • TIFF: steady as she goes, says Cameron Bailey

    TIFF co-director Cameron Bailey says there’s no real change in the numer or size of the deals at his festival this year
  • To boycott or not

    Some say the role of a festival director is akin to the UN: but Edinburgh and Melbourne went in different directions when it came to Ken Loach, Israel and the Palestinian cultural boycott. Reading the below correspondence - which way would you turn?E
  • Toronto: The Coens, Megan, George, Darwin...

    Films and their stars are tripping over each other in the Canadian capital….
  • True Blood in a bottle

    A little bit of True Blood in the post.
  • Where will the Cannes winner come from?

    Almost half way through the Competition screening schedule and things are finally hotting up.
  • Why we love London town

    The rise and rise of the LIFF
  • Witch-hunt for the Antichrist

    Egged on by the distributor, the UK media would like to ban Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. But they ain’t seen nothing yet.