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Conor Dignam

Conor Dignam is chief executive of Media Business Insight, which includes Screen International, Broadcast and Shots.

  • A New Hope


    George Lucas talks to Conor Dignam and a group of young film-makers about the technological changes revolutionising the film industry and how opportunity for all means the end of the studio system.
  • AFM sellers down by 10%, but buyer numbers up


    The number of exhibitors selling films at the American Film Market has dropped by 10% on last year – but the number of buyers attending the event has risen slightly, the market’s organiser said today.
  • No bullet-proof vests


    While blockbuster movies may be proving recession-proof, the independent sector is feeling the chill and will emerge from the downturn looking very different.
  • Boycott the boycotts


    The recent spate of cultural boycotts across the festival circuit may start with good intentions but it’s that film-makers the ultimately feel the impact.
  • Distributing the wealth


    Moving into production may seem like an astute move for distributors but they underestimate the challenges they will face.
  • Off-balance on online piracy


    Online piracy is one of the biggest threats to the film industry yet finding the right approach to tackling it remains a challenge in itself.
  • Indies are feeling the chill


    If studios are proving resilient to the crisis, the indie sector is feeling the pressure.
  • A tale of two industries


    The British industry has been reported to be doing well, but is it a fair assessment?
  • Digital pioneers can sink the pirates


    Countries all over the world have developed different ways to battle piracy, but what these strategies mean to the industry, audiences and innovators must be carefully evaluated.
  • Puttnam urges UK film industry to be bold online


    Lord David Puttnam this week urged the British film industry to be bolder in engaging with audiences online – or risk losing out on many of the opportunities being created by the digital revolution.
  • And then there were 10...


    The Academy Awards’ bold decision to double the field to ten picture nominees instead of five was a surprise. Yet whether the move will succeed and benefit the film industry as a whole remains to be seen, writes Conor Dignam, editor of Screen International.
  • The industry's rising stars


    Screen’s UK Stars of Tomorrow issue is always a major event in our year. It’s the moment when we receive a fresh injection of confidence in the future of the industry because of the depth and breadth of talent coming out of the UK film business.
  • Digital Britain's clear vision


    Digital Britain lays an impressive and abitious framework for the future of communications in the UK, but leaves many questions unanswered.
  • Made in the UK, owned by the US


    During the BBC Films drinks reception in Cannes last month, I fell into a conversation with a UK film executive who told me her private hobbyhorse was to persuade Screen International to describe films such as the Harry Potter series or Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as “British”.
  • Passion is still running high


    If Cannes is the international film industry distilled into two weeks along the Croisette, then there were some clear messages about what we should all expect over the next couple of years.
  • Stephen Fry to star in adaption of The Liar


    Stephen Fry is to take a leading role in the film adaptation of his novel, The Liar, with newcomer Tony Hagger producing and directing.
  • Gilliam and Thomas take on Don Quixote again


    Recorded Picture Company founder Jeremy Thomas has reunited with Terry Gilliam to resurrect their former passion project Don Quixote.
  • Cannes vs the perfect storm


    Against a backdrop of swine flu and the deepest global recession in living memory, much is being hoped for from this year’s Cannes festival in terms of lifting industry confidence and helping unlock new deals and investment.