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Werner launches new sales company

Veteran Scandinavian sales agent Michael Werner [pictured], formerly at NonStop Sales, has launched a new outfit called Eyewell which is in Cannes with its debut slate.

Werner is attending Cannes with his Eyewell partner Stein Markussen.

The new company will be concentrating on genre-driven “commercial titles” with a clear target audience, many of which will straddle the worlds of film and TV.

Here on the Croisette, Eyewell is beginning pre-sales on new Swedish action-drama Zone 261. Werner is partnering on the project with Kruthuset’s Fredrik Hiller. (Werner and Hiller worked together on Hiller’s previous genre film Psalm 21 in 2009.)

Zone 261 shoots in the south of Sweden in the autumn and will be ready for delivery by Cannes 2014.

The story starts when a submarine, carrying an extremely dangerous virus, slams into the Swedish city of Landskrona. The inhabitants get infected, turning them into monstrous versions of themselves. The Swedish military, in a joint venture with NATO,quarantine the city, forming “ZONE 261”. A group of ethnical Swedes and a group of immigrants – who, for some reason, are non-infected take refuge in a 400-year-old citadel.

Also on Eyewell’s debut slate is Finnish project Nymphs. Produced by Fisher King Productions, this is a fantasy drama TV series 12 x 44 min about three nymphs, Didi, Cathy and Nadia who live among us, forever young, dangerously seductive and ever so deadly. Nymphs’ first season has already been pre-sold widely. The second series in in development and an English language feature is planned.

The third project on Eyewell’s debut slate is feature and TV series Land of Giants, being made through Roundhousefilm GmbH (the company founded by Mathis Landwehr, known for the RTL primetime series Lasko, and Sascha Girndt).

Land of Giants, due to shoot next year, is touted as a blend of science fiction, western and martial arts in “a doomsday atmosphere”. It tells the story of the outsider ‘Crutch’, as he passes through hostile wastelands, places that had once thrived with human civilisation, now destroyed by giants.

“We like to be very close to our producers and we like them to feel that we take care of their content. We like to enter as early as possible,” Werner commented of the philosophy behind Eyewell.

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