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Fionnuala Halligan

  • Cannes 2017: Competition Blog


    Screen International’s chief critic Fionnuala Halligan blogs on the Cannes Competition.
  • Cannes 2017: our chief critic's guide to the Competition line-up


    Screen’s chief critic and reviews editor Fionnuala Halligan dissects this year’s Competition films.
  • Sundance 2017: The stand-out documentaries


    Screen rounds up the critically-acclaimed documentaries from this year’s festival.
  • Nine movies that popped at autumn festivals


    Screen’s chief film critic Fionnuala Halligan notes the films that stood out from the pack at this year’s Venice, Telluride and Toronto film festivals.
  • Awards race comes into focus at TIFF


    La La Land, Jackie, Nocturnal Animals and Manchester By The Sea have all been garnering early awards buzz.
  • Locarno: 'Standing Tall' team win inaugural European Casting Director Award


    Antoinette Boulat and Elsa Pharaon took home the prize, which has been founded to recognise an overlooked film-making sector.
  • Cannes 2016: Competition Blog - 'Elle, the end...'


    Fionnuala Halligan blogs on the Cannes Competition titles straight from the Palais.
  • Cannes 2016: critic's take


    2016 looks like a good vintage: Screen’s chief critic and reviews editor Fionnuala Halligan dissects this year’s Competition lineup…
  • Ken Adam in his own words


    In an interview made available to Screen, the iconic Oscar-winning production designer, who died earlier this month, recalls working on eight Bond films and with Stanley Kubrick.
  • Sundance: what were the buzz titles of 2016?


    Sundance Film Festival marks a fresh start to the film calendar. Just as awards season is winding down, new artistic agendas are kicking off all over Park City.
  • Films of the Year 2015: Fionnuala Halligan


    Fionnuala is Screen International‘s chief film critic and reviews editor. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a film writer and critic.
  • Emily Morgan, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    PRODUCER: Londoner Emily Morgan is translating her knowledge of languages and international cinema into a career as a UK producer.
  • Aleem Khan, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: “I watched a lot of films as a kid but it wasn’t until I saw East Is East, at age 14 with the whole family in the living room, that I felt the unifying power of cinema. It was reflecting us as a family,” says Aleem Khan, director of the powerful and affecting short Three Brothers, which was shortlisted for a Bafta this year.
  • Ben Aston, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    Director: Although born in the UK, Ben Aston spent his childhood in Asia, returning to Bath when he was 14.
  • Joy Wilkinson, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER: About 18 months ago, Joy Wilkinson made the decision to dedicate herself solely to film.
  • Jorn Threlfall, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: Represented by Outsider in the commercials world, where he is highly successful on the international stage, writer-director Jorn Threlfall is late to cinema but states: “I’m ready for the big step to features.”
  • Matthew Orton, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER: Matthew Orton’s first feature script is called Clean, and its drama unfolds outside London skyscraper The Shard, 400 feet off the ground. Clearly Orton has lofty ambitions.
  • Farhana Bhula, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    PRODUCER: Producer Richard Holmes hired Farhana Bhula on Amit Gupta’s Jadoo while she was working at Google but looking for a break into film (she’d helped set up the Watersprite festival for student films while at Cambridge University).
  • Marnie Dickens, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER: Marnie Dickens is a writer who is very much in demand, and this is her year.
  • Daniel Emmerson, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    PRODUCER: Londoner Daniel Emmerson started out working as a location warden on National Treasure before moving onto production running on Ben Drew’s Ill Manors.
  • Nick Rowland, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: Nick Rowland has consistently impressed as a writer-director.
  • Oscar Sharp, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: Oscar Sharp’s heart-breaking Bafta-nominated short about terminal illness, The Karman Line, stars Olivia Colman as a mother who finds herself levitating from her small terraced house.
  • Andy Brunskill, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    PRODUCER: “There’s a part of every creative meeting where everyone gets excited and runs wild,” says Andy Brunskill. “Then there’s one person who goes away to do the sums and try to make it work, and that’s why I called my company SUMS Film & Media.”
  • Dan Kokotajlo, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: Dan Kokotajlo — the surname hails from a Ukrainian grandfather who fled the Nazis for Manchester — used to make hip-hop music and paint; moderately successful, he was signed to a label.
  • Richard Galazka, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER: Richard Galazka started writing two years ago when he was doing a five-month season in rep as an actor at the Theatre By The Lake, Keswick.
  • Charlie Covell, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    WRITER: “I’ve had a good year,” says Charlie Covell. “I could be hit by a bus and I’d still think I had a good run.”
  • Billy Howle, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Billy Howle is an intense young actor impressing audiences and casting directors alike with his talent and quiet determination.
  • Brian Vernel, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Fresh off the run of the Matthew Warchus-directed Future Conditional at London’s Old Vic — which also marked Warchus’s first season as the theatre’s artistic director — Brian Vernel is set to transfer across the road to the Young Vic in December when he’ll lead the cast of Barbarians.
  • Alex Lawther, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Alex Lawther impressed last year playing the young Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, winning a UK Critics’ Circle award for young British performer of the year.
  • Ben Hardy, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Royal Central School Of Speech & Drama graduate and upcoming superhero Ben Hardy is already experiencing the joys of a varied career.
  • Naomi Scott, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Singer, songwriter and actor Naomi Scott ( was born and raised in Hounslow with an Indian mother and a “proper London boy” father, yet she began her acting career in Los Angeles where she fronted the hit Disney show Lemonade Mouth.
  • Osy Ikhile, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: “In school,” recalls 25-year-old London-born actor Osy Ikhile, “acting was the only thing I got praised for. It felt effortless, it didn’t feel like work. But until halfway through university I didn’t think it was a possibility for me as a black British actor, until I saw Idris Elba in The Wire.”
  • Jessica Barden, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Jessica Barden has the sort of innate talent that stacks up against the biggest names in the business and threatens to march off with their scenes.
  • Charlotte Spencer, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: “I don’t know why I wanted to be an actor - but I just knew since I was about three years old,” says Charlotte Spencer.
  • Nicholas Galitzine, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: As a child, Nicholas Galitzine had his heart set on a professional rugby career. He was in the top-league Harlequins Academy when an injury led to him “falling a little bit out of love with rugby. It was tough because, when I lost that, I lost my escape from mundane school life. That’s why I turned to drama and music.”
  • Barry Keoghan, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: 22-year-old Dubliner Barry Keoghan has an unmistakable intensity, whether it be seen on TV’s Love/Hate, briefly glimpsed in the feature ’71 (he also has a small role in Trespass Against Us), or bigger turns in indies Norfolk and Rebecca Daly’s upcoming Mammal, in which he takes the lead opposite Rachel Griffiths (“It was a challenging part, to be honest,” he says).
  • Bebe Cave, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Matteo Garrone’s medieval fairytale extravaganza Tale Of Tales held many surprises when it premiered at Cannes in May. One of them was London schoolgirl Bebe Cave, previously unknown and cast by Jina Jay in a role that escalated to take over the film’s final section.
  • Adelayo Adedayo, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Having made her mark on the small screen, 25-year-old Adelayo Adedayo would like to break through on film.
  • Joe Alwyn, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Joe Alwyn is “still computing” what has just happened to him
  • Faye Marsay, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: Faye Marsay has a face that can look completely different from role to role: it’s a gift, she acknowledges. “You can slip under the radar and do your work and crack onto the next — if there is a next, you never know in this game.”
  • Rachna Suri, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    DIRECTOR: Hailing from Loughborough in the Midlands, London-based Rachna Suri is forging her way as an independent director.
  • Ellie Bamber, Stars of Tomorrow 2015


    ACTOR: It was clear from the Old Vic’s High Society this summer that Ellie Bamber is destined for a career in show business.
  • Cannes: Screen's final Jury Grid topped by 'Carol', 'The Assassin'


    Screen’s jury of international critics finished the festival tied in their appreciation of Carol and The Assassin, ahead of the award of the Palme d’Or.
  • Cannes 2015: Competition Blog


    Fionnuala Halligan blogs on the Cannes Competition titles straight from the Palais.
  • Cannes: Screen Jury Grid gets new joint leader


    With only one more film to screen at Cannes 68 – Macbeth – the Screen International team of jurors are tied for their lead film.
  • Cannes: Screen Jury Grid nearly scores a new low


    The scores are in for Marguerite & Julien and Sicario.
  • Cannes: 'Sea of Trees' scores 12-year Screen jury low


    Screen’s Cannes Jury has given its lowest score in more than a decade to Gus Van Sant’s Competition entrant.
  • Cannes: Screen's jury grid has a new frontrunner


    The Screen International Cannes jury rounded out Day 3 feeling largely satisfied with the films on offer in the 68th Competition thus far - although a few solitary Palmes were handed out.
  • Cannes: Screen's jury reveals mixed first scores


    Screen International’s legendary Cannes Palme D’Or jury swings back into action today, as the 68th festival gets into full swing and the first two films have played out at the Palais Des Festivals.
  • Cannes: sizing up the Competition


    Screen’s chief film critic and reviews editor Fionnuala Halligan talks about the lack of screenings ahead of Cannes and what critics most want to see at the festival.
  • Cannes: surprises and no-shows


    With titles yet to be announced (up to three for Competition) Thierry Fremaux has presented an artistic selection which feels fresh and new, even though it’s anchored by exciting auteur ‘names’ – Audiard, Haynes, Villeneuve, Sorrentino, Van Sant.
  • Bizarre


    Dir/scr: Etienne Faure, France-US. 2015, 98mins
  • 13 Minutes


    Dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel. Germany. 2015. 110mins
  • The Circle


    Dir: Levan Akin. Sweden. 2015. 144mins
  • Aferim!


    Dir: Radu Jude. Romania-Bulgaria-Czech Republic. 2015. 108mins
  • Murder In Pacot


    Dir: Raoul Peck. Germany-Haiti-Norway. 2014. 127mins
  • Every Thing Will Be Fine


    Dir: Wim Wenders. Germany-Canada-Australia-Sweden-Norway. 2015. 118mins
  • Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands


    Dir/scr/prod: Christian Braad Thomsen. Denmark. 2015. 109mins
  • My Skinny Sister


    Dir: Sanna Lenken. Sweden-Germany. 2015. 95mins
  • In Your Arms


    Dir/scr: Samanou Achece Sahlstrom. Denmark-Germany. 2015. 88mins
  • Bridgend


    Dir: Jeppe Ronde. Denmark. 2015. 103mins
  • Key House Mirror


    Dir: Michael Noer. Denmark. 2015. 90mins
  • Good Girl


    Dir: Solveig Melkeraaen. Norway. 2014. 72mins
  • BAFTAs 2015: Screen Stars of Tomorrow nominated


    This year’s BAFTA nomination list is studded with former Screen International Stars of Tomorrow – in particular the acting sections, with two Best Actor contenders in Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne.
  • Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast


    Dir: Steve Loter. US. 2014. 76mins
  • Oscars: Best Foreign-Language Film


    Details on all 83 submissions for the foreign language Oscar race including contact details.
  • 'Kajaki: The True Story (a.k.a Kilo Two Bravo)': Review


    Dir: Paul Katis. UK. 2014. 108mins
  • Radiator


    Dir: Tom Browne. UK. 2013. 93mins
  • Marc Quinn - Making Waves


    Dir: Gerry Fox. UK. 2014. 82mins
  • The Lost Aviator


    Dir: Andrew Lancaster. Australia. 2014. 90 mins
  • Testament Of Youth


    Dir: James Kent. UK. 2014. 129mins
  • The Silent Storm


    Dir/scr: Corinna McFarlane. UK. 2014. 98 mins
  • Décor


    Dir: Ahmad Abdalla. Egypt. 2014. 119mins
  • Yellowbird


    Dir: Christian De Vita. France. 2014. 89mins
  • Effie Gray


    Dir: Richard Laxton. UK. 2012. 100mins
  • Lasa And Zabala


    Dir: Pablo Malo. Spain, 2014. 107mins
  • Magical Girl


    Dir/scr: Carlos Vermut. Spain-France. 2014. 127mins
  • On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter


    Dir: Dana Brown. US. 2014. 95mins
  • Casanova Variations


    Dir: Michael Sturminger. France-Austria-Germany. 2014. 118mins
  • Phoenix


    Dir: Christian Petzold. Germany. 2014. 98mins
  • Silent Heart


    Dir: Bille August. Denmark. 2014. 98mins
  • Marshland


    Dir: Alberto Rodriguez. Spain. 2014. 105mins
  • A Spanish Affair


    Dir: Emilio Martinez-Lazaro. Spain, 2013. 98mins
  • Venice 2014: Competition, Orizzonti, Critics' Week, Venice Days titles


    The Competition line-up for this year’s Venice Film Festival marks the return of mavericks such as Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Fatih Akin, with a wealth of talent represented in the Orizzonti, Critics’ Week and Venice Days sections
  • Rose Wicksteed, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    CASTING DIRECTOR: “There’s no formula,” says Rose Wicksteed of the profession of casting.
  • Laura Tarrant-Brown, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    PRODUCTION DESIGNER: At its best, production design feels ‘real’, the world presented onscreen convincing and believable, no matter where it might be.
  • Si Bell, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    CINEMATOGRAPHER: It is unusual for a DoP to work his way up the camera department on set; there are a lot of steps to climb.
  • Krysty Wilson-Cairns, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER: “I wrote Aether over Christmas, during six weeks.”
  • Chris Foggin, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    DIRECTOR: How do you get Judi Dench to appear in her first short film?
  • Dawn King, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER: Dawn King is a much-awarded young writer for the stage and, at last, the screen, having signed a deal with Cowboy Films to adapt her sell-out play Ciphers from Bush Theatre.
  • Michael Berliner, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    PRODUCER: Bedfordshire-born producer Michael Berliner started out as an actor in his teens and throughout university; it wasn’t until he produced his own short film after graduation “that I realised this was the thing for me”.
  • Keri Collins, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    DIRECTOR: “I feel as if I’ve taken a long time to get here,” says Cardiff-born director Keri Collins.
  • Sarah Brocklehurst, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    PRODUCER: Born in the US of Chinese and UK heritage, 29-year-old Sarah Brocklehurst broke out with 2011 micro-budget feature production Black Pond.
  • Lynsey Miller, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: “I tend to fall in love with my characters,” says director Lynsey Miller. “And consequently whatever I do visually is motivated by them and what they’re thinking or feeling.”
  • Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITERS: Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith won a Bafta shortly after being selected for Stars of Tomorrow: a television craft award for breakthrough talent for their gripping Channel 4 drama Run, which they co-wrote (they are in the throes of writing a second series).
  • Roberto Oliveri, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: The least experienced of this year’s Stars of Tomorrow, 24-year-old Roberto Oliveri has just produced, written, shot and funded his first short, Compassion, while living with his parents in Hertfordshire and working in a garage to raise funds.
  • Simon Stephenson, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER: Simon Stephenson is a man with his own rich back story.
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR, WRITER, THEATRE PRODUCER: “It’s been the maddest year imaginable,” says actress-writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
  • Sam Keeley, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Sam Keeley got his break at an open casting call in his home town of Tullamore, County Offaly in southern Ireland, a town not exactly known as being a hub for movie stars.
  • Aisling Franciosi, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Like everyone else who watched TV series The Fall, casting director Kahleen Crawford’s eyes were drawn to Aisling Franciosi as the precocious teenage neighbour of the serial killer played by Jamie Dornan.
  • Olivia Cooke, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Olivia Cooke has been living out of a suitcase for two years.
  • Kevin Guthrie, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Born in Neilston near Glasgow, Kevin Guthrie’s career is on a clear trajectory.
  • Kate Phillips, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Kate Phillips is shooting out of Guildhall and into one of the most sought-after roles in the UK this year — as Jane Seymour in the BBC One adaptation of Wolf Hall.
  • Taron Egerton, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: To put it in sporting terms, Taron Egerton (pronounced Edge-r-ton) is 2014’s man of the match, the name on every UK casting director’s hot young talent list.
  • McKell David, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: McKell David turned 17 on the day of the Stars of Tomorrow photoshoot in May, but sent out his calling card at the age of 12 when he started his own show on YouTube, The Adventures Of Lil Mckell.
  • Edward Holcroft, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Although there are more than 120 speaking parts in the vast BBC production of Hilary Mantel’s novel Wolf Hall, directed by Peter Kosminsky, few of the choice parts were open to newcomers.
  • Aimeé-Ffion Edwards, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Aimeé-Ffion Edwards breathes pure warmth onto the screen.
  • Eleanor Tomlinson, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: “This whole industry is about snapping up the opportunities as they come,” says Eleanor Tomlinson, who is about to turn 22 on the set of the BBC’s highly anticipated remake of Poldark.
  • Callum Turner, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: When Callum Turner was cast by the 81-year-old John Boorman to play the lead in semi-autobiographical Queen And Country, “John told me this was going to be his last film and it was my first”.
  • Maisie Williams, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: The youngest Game Of Thrones star — and likely the last to feature in Stars of Tomorrow — Maisie Williams has just turned 17 and marked the occasion with two significant moves: getting her driving licence and completing a lead role in UK independent film The Falling, directed by Carol Morley (Dreams Of A Life).
  • Calvin Demba, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: “I’m waiting for my luck to run out, to be honest,” says 20-year-old East Ender Calvin Demba. There’s no sign of that.
  • Mia Goth, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Mia Goth has an otherworldly presence onscreen, an unusual aura that sets her apart.
  • Sophie Cookson, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: “I was still at drama school this time last year!” exclaims 24-year-old Sophie Cookson. “It’s quite bizarre.”
  • Jamie Blackley, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: At 22, Jamie Blackley says he is “still nervous, still hungry and learning as I go”.
  • Jack Lowden, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    ACTOR: Although he has been tied to several long-running theatre gigs since leaving college, Jack Lowden has already made a serious impression for a 23 year old.
  • Aneil Karia, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER-DIRECTOR: Aneil Karia’s Beat is a masterful short film: explosive, involving, tense, different, and almost entirely dialogue-free.
  • The Halsall brothers, UK Stars of Tomorrow 2014


    WRITER-DIRECTORS: Only 18 months separate 25-year-old Matt Halsall from his younger brother Simon.
  • Clouds Of Sils Maria


    Dir/scr: Olivier Assayas. France-Switzerland. 2014. 123mins
  • Alleluia


    Dir: Fabrice Du Welz. Belgium-France. 2014. 90mins
  • The Search


    Dir/scr: Michel Hazanavicius. France-Georgia. 2014. 149mins
  • Coming Home


    Dir: Zhang Yimou. China. 2014. 111mins
  • Queen And Country


    Dir/scr: John Boorman. UK-Ireland-France-Romania. 2014. 115mins
  • Still The Water


    Dir/scr: Naomi Kawase. France-Japan-Spain. 2014. 119mins
  • Cannes Competition blog: actresses shine in Sils Maria; Leviathan wows


    FINAL UPDATE: Critic Finn Halligan offers reactions to Cannes 2014 Competition films as they screened.
  • El Ardor


    Dir/scr: Pablo Fendrik. Argentina-Mexico-Brazil-France-US. 2014. 101mins
  • It Follows


    Dir/scr: David Robert Mitchell. US. 2014. 97mins
  • Welcome To New York


    Dir: Abel Ferrara. US. 2014. 125mins
  • The Salvation


    Dir: Kristian Levring. Denmark-UK-South Africa. 2014. 89mins
  • Wild Tales


    Dir/scr: Damian Szifron. Argentina-Spain. 2014, 122mins
  • Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait


    Dir/scr: Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan. France-Syria. 2014. 92mins
  • Grace Of Monaco


    Dir: Olivier Dahan. France. 2014. 103mins
  • Postman Pat The Movie


    Dir: Mike Disa. UK. 2014. 87mins
  • In Quiet Bliss


    Dir: Edoardo Winspeare. Italy. 2013. 130mins
  • Inbetween Worlds


    Dir: Feo Aladag. Germany. 2014. 98mins
  • Someone You Love


    Dir: Pernille Fischer Christensen. Denmark. 2014. 95mins
  • The Two Faces Of January


    Dir/scr: Hossein Amini. UK-US-France. 2013. 96mins
  • Blind Massage


    Dir: Lou Ye. China-Germany. 2013. 114mins
  • Things People Do


    Dir: Saar Klein. US. 2014. 110mins
  • That Demon Within


    Dir: Dante Lam. Hong Kong-China. 2014. 112mins
  • Beloved Sisters


    Dir/scr: Dominik Graf. Germany-Austria. 2014. 170mins
  • Two Men In Town


    Dir: Rachid Bouchareb. France-Algeria-US. 2013. 120mins
  • Investors clear on Powder Room


    SCREEN FILM SUMMIT: As MJ Delaney’s low-budget Powder Room heads into its opening weekend with all investment already recouped, producer Damian Jones has confirmed that his next project will be a remake of TV perennial Dad’s Army.
  • Event cinema will be 'saviour'


    SCREEN FILM SUMMIT: Event cinema will be the “saviour of cinema”, according to Curzon Artificial Eye CEO Philip Knatchbull, and Lionsgate UK’s CEO Zygi Kamasa, who called it “the future of cinema”.
  • Profiles: foreign-language Oscar submissions


    From Afghanistan to Venezuela the submissions for the foreign-language film Oscar bring together work from both newcomers and established names. Screen profiles the submissions from a record 76 countries
  • B For Boy


    Dir/scr: Chika Anadu. Nigeria, 2013. 114mins
  • Love Me Till Monday


    Dir: Justin Hardy. UK. 2013, 89mins
  • Sixteen


    Dir/scr: Rob Brown. UK. 2013. 80mins
  • The Do Gooders


    Dir: Chloe Ruthven. UK-Palestine. 2013. 74mins
  • Olympic Studios opens in Barnes


    The push for the ultimate luxury viewing experience in London moves out a travelcard zone with the opening – or re-opening – of the Olympic Studios in leafy Barnes village.
  • Blackwood


    Dir: Adam Wimpenny. UK. 2013. 100mins
  • The Young And Prodigious TS Spivet


    Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet. France-Canada. 2013. 105mins
  • Love Is The Perfect Crime


    Dirs/scr: Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu. France. 2013. 111mins
  • 9-Month Stretch


    Dir/scr: Albert Dupontel. France. 2013. 82mins
  • Wounded


    Dir. Fernando Franco. Spain. 2013. 98mins
  • Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed


    Dir/scr: David Trueba. Spain. 2013. 108mins
  • Foosball


    Dir: Juan Jose Campanella. Spain-Argentina. 2013. 106mins
  • Witching And Bitching


    Dir: Alex de la Iglesia. Spain-France. 2013. 112mins
  • My Soul Healed By You


    Dir: Francois Dupeyron. France. 2013. 124mins
  • Diana


    Dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel. UK. 201. 115mins
  • Henri


    Dir/scr: Yolande Moreau. France-Belgium. 2013. 107mins
  • Cannes Competition Blog: Only Lovers Left Alive, Venus in Fur


    Screen’s Cannes 2013 Competition blog is now complete with the reaction to Jarmusch and Polanski’s films.
  • Nebraska


    Dir: Alexander Payne. US. 2013. 110mins
  • The Golden Cage


    Dir: Diego Quemada-Diez. Mexico-Spain. 2013. 102mins
  • Bastards


    Dir: Claire Denis. France. 2013. 100mins
  • The Last Days On Mars


    Dir: Ruairi Robinson. UK-Ireland. 2013. 91mins
  • Blood Ties


    Dir: Guillame Canet. France. 2013, 144mins
  • The Lunchbox


    Dir/scr: Ritesh Batra. India-France-Germany. 2012. 104mins
  • Stranger By The Lake


    Dir/scr: Alain Guiraudie. France. 2013 97mins
  • A Touch Of Sin


    Dir/scr: Jia Zhang-ke. China. 2013. 133mins
  • Rick Carter


    An interview with the Oscar-winning production designer from newly published book Production Design.
  • The Road: A Story Of Life And Death


    Dir: Marc Isaacs. UK. 2012. 75mins
  • Japan In A Day


    Dirs: Philip Martin, Gaku Narita. Japan-UK, 2012. 91mins
  • Crossfire Hurricane


    Dir/scr: Brett Morgen. US. 2012. 111mins
  • Sleeper’s Wake


    Dir: Barry Berk. South Africa. 2012. 94mins
  • Underground: The Julian Assange Story


    Dir: Robert Connolly. Australia. 2012. 89mins
  • Spike Island


    Dir: Mat Whitecross. UK. 2012. 96mins
  • Blood


    Dir: Nick Murphy. UK. 2012. 95mins
  • Coming to London


    The revamped BFI London Film Festival features three competitive sections and new thematic categories. Fionnuala Halligan profiles the Official Competition and selected world premieres.
  • Six Acts


    Dir: Jonathan Gurfinkel. Israel. 2012. 99mins
  • All Apologies


    Dir: Emily Tang. China. 2012. 88mins
  • Operation E


    Dir: Miguel Courtois Paternina. France-Spain. 2012. 108mins
  • Holes


    Dir: Fermin Muguruza. Spain. 2012. 98mins
  • Shell


    Dir: Scott Graham. UK. 2012. 90mins
  • The Dead And The Living


    Dir/scr: Barbara Albert. Austria. 2012. 110mins
  • Bypass


    Dirs: Patxo Telleria, Aitor Mazo. Spain. 2011. 97mins
  • The Artist And The Model


    Dir: Fernando Trueba. Spain. 2012. 104mins
  • The Valley


    Dir: Inaki Elizalde. Spain. 2011. 98mins
  • The Dead Man And Being Happy


    Dir. Javier Rebollo. Spain-Argentina-France. 2012. 94mins
  • The Angels' Share, Shame, Tinker Tailor among EFA longlist


    A total of 47 films are on the selection list for the 25th European Film Awards.
  • Helen Hunt to be feted at Zurich


    Helen Hunt is to receive a career Golden Eye award at the Zurich Film Festival.
  • Gimme The Loot


    Dir/scr: Adam Leon. US, 2012. 80mins
  • In The Fog


    Dir: Sergei Loznitsa. Germany-Latvia/Russia/Dutch/Belarus. 2012. 128mins
  • 7 Days In Havana


    Dirs: Benicio del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noe, Juan Carlos Tabio, Laurent Cantet. Spain-France. 2012. 128mins
  • The Dream And The Silence


    Dir: Jamie Rosales. Spain-France. 2012. 110mins
  • Our Children


    Dir: Joachim Lafosse. Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Switzerland. 2012. 112mins
  • Journal de France


    Dir/scr: Raymond Depardon, Claudine Nougaret. France. 2012. 101mins
  • White Elephant


    Dir: Pablo Trapero. Argentina-France-Spain. 2012. 110mins
  • A Respectable Family


    Dir/scr: Massoud Bakhshi. Iran-France. 2012. 90mins
  • The Hunt


    Dir: Thomas Vinterberg. Denmark. 2012. 106mins
  • Aliyah


    Dir: Elie Wajeman. France. 2012. 90mins
  • Mekong Hotel


    Dir/scr: Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Thailand. 2012. 60mins
  • After The Battle


    Dir: Yousry Nasrallah. France-Egypt. 2012. 125mins
  • Tabu


    Dir: Miguel Gomes. Portugal-Germany-Brazil-France. 2012. 110mins
  • Living/Building


    Dir: Clemence Ancelin. France. 2012. 117mins
  • Leave It On The Floor


    Dir: Sheldon Larry. US-Canada. 2011. 106mins
  • Friends After 3.11


    Dir: Iwai Shunji. Japan. 2011. 120mins
  • Secret


    Dir/scr: Przemyslaw Wojcieszek. Poland. 2012. 82mins
  • The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears


    Dir/scr: Teona Strugar Mitevska. Macedonia-Germany-Slovenia-Belgium, 2012. 103mins
  • Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present


    Dir: Matthew Akers. US. 2011. 106 minutes
  • Meteora


    Dir: Spiros Stathoulopoulos. Germany-Greece. 2012. 82mins
  • Dollhouse


    Dir/scr/ed: Kirsten Sheridan. Ireland. 2012. 100mins
  • Today


    Dir/scr: Alain Gomis. France-Senegal. 2011. 89mins
  • Don - The King Is Back


    Dir: Farhan Akhtar. India-Germany. 2011. 140mins
  • Kuma


    Dir: Umut Dag. Austria. 2011. 93mins
  • Asmaa


    Dir/scr: Amr Salama. Egypt. 2011. 96 mins
  • Lawrence Of Belgravia


    Dir: Paul Kelly. UK. 2011. 90mins
  • The Pettifogger


    Dir: Lewis Klahr. US. 2011. 65mins
  • Hunky Dory


    Dir: Marc Evans. UK. 2011. 107mins
  • Lotus Eaters


    Dir: Alexandra McGuinness. UK. 2011. 76mins
  • Junkhearts


    Dir: Tinge Krishnan. UK, 2011. 90mins
  • Sket


    Dir/scr: Nirpal Bhogal. UK. 2011. 83mins
  • Shock Head Soul


    Dir: Simon Pummell. UK-Netherlands. 2011. 86mins
  • Wreckers


    Dir/scr D. R. Hood. UK. 2010. 85mins
  • The Somnambulists


    Dir/scr: Richard Jobson. UK. 2011. 97mins
  • Carriere 250 Metres


    Dir: Juan Carlos Rulfo. Mexico. 2011. 90mins
  • Anda Union: From The Steppes To The City


    Dirs: Tim Pearce, Sophie Lascelles, Marc Tiley. UK. 2011. 97mins
  • Dreams Of A Life


    Dir/scr: Carol Morley. UK-Ireland. 2011. 90mins
  • Untouchables


    Dir/scr: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache. France. 2011. 109mins
  • Reasons Of The Heart


    Dir: Arturo Ripstein. Mexico-Spain. 2011. 127mins
  • Ulysses


    Dir: Oscar Godoy. Chile-Argentina. 2011. 82mins
  • Madrid, 1987


    Dir/scr: David Trueba. Spain. 2011. 100 mins
  • Unfair World


    Dir: Filippos Tsitos. Greece-Germany. 2011. 118mins
  • Wild Bill


    Dir: Dexter Fletcher. UK. 2011. 97mins
  • The Sleeping Voice


    Dir: Benito Zambrano.  Spain. 2011. 128mins
  • Wrinkles


    Dir: Ignacio Ferreras. Spain. 2011. 89mins
  • Extraterrestrial


    Dir/scr: Nacho Vigalondo. Spain. 2011. 94mins
  • The Double Steps


    Dir. Isaki Lacuesta. Spain-Switzerland. 2011. 88mins
  • Pescador


    Dir: Sebastian Cordero. Ecuador-Colombia. 2011.  95mins
  • George Harrison: Living In The Material World


    Dir: Martin Scorsese. US. 2011. 208mins
  • Amen


    Dir/scr: Kim Ki-duk. South Korea. 2011. 72 mins
  • No Rest For The Wicked


    Dir: Enrique Urbizu. Spain. 2011. 118mins
  • And the BoB goes to...


    Screen took its place on Film London’s Best of Borough Awards jury this year with a sense of pride
  • The Inbetweeners Movie


    Dir. Ben Palmer. UK, 2011. 96mins.
  • Class of 2010: where are they now?


    Stars of Tomorrow, today. Screen catches up with the blossoming careers of some of last year’s alumni, including Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay and Claire Wilson, who is writing Oliver Twist contemporary retelling Twist for Ruby Films and Rocket Pictures.
  • The Hunter


    Dir: Bakur Bakuradze. Russia. 2011. 124mins
  • The Skin I Live In


    Dir: Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 2011. 116mins
  • Dias de Gracia


    Dir/scr: Everardo Gout. Mexico/France. 2011. 128mins
  • Tatsumi


    Dir/scr: Eric Khoo. Singapore. 2011. 96mins
  • Where Do We Go Now?


    Dir: Nadine Labaki. France-Lebanon-Italy-Egypt. 2011. 100mins
  • Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


    Dirs: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Jeff Zimbalist. India. 2011, 100mins
  • Wu Xia


    Dir: Peter Chan Ho-sun. Hong Kong-China. 2011. 116mins
  • The Other Side Of Sleep


    Dir: Rebecca Daly. Ireland-Netherlands-Hungary, 2011. 88 mins
  • Unlawful Killing


    Dir: Keith Allen. UK. 2011. 90mins
  • The Fairy


    Dir/scr: Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, Bruno Romy. France-Belgium. 2011. 94mins
  • Sleeping Beauty


    Dir/scr: Julia Leigh. Australia. 2011. 101mins
  • 20 Cigarettes


    Dir: James Benning. US. 2011. 99mins
  • Late Bloomers


    Dir: Julie Gavras. Fr-UK-Belg. 2010. 95mins
  • Idleness


    Dirs: Juan Villegas, Alejandro Lingenti. Argentina. 2010. 70mins
  • Lost Land


    Dir: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd. Fr-Bel. 2011. 75mins
  • Medianeras


    Dir/scr Gustavo Taretto. Arg-Ger-Sp. 2011. 95mins
  • Ashamed


    Dir/scr: Kim Soo-hyun. S. Korea. 2010. 129mins
  • Household X


    Dir/scr: Yoshida Koki. Japan. 2010. 90mins
  • Bullhead


    Dir/scr: Michael R Roskam. Belgium. 2011. 129mins
  • Sacrifice


    Dir/scr: Chen Kaige. China. 2100. 127mins
  • Almanya: Welcome To Germany


    Dir: Yasemin Samdereli. Germany. 2011. 97mins
  • Sing Your Song


    Dir: Susanne Rostock. US. 2010. 100mins
  • London Boulevard


    Dir/scr: William Monahan. UK. 2010. 104mins
  • In Your Hands (Contre Toi)


    Dir/scr: Lola Doillon. France. 2010. 90mins
  • Edge


    Di/scr: Carol Morley. UK 2010. 93mins
  • Burke & Hare


    Dir: John Landis. UK. 2010. 91mins
  • Guilty Pleasures


    Dir. Julie Moggan. UK. 2010.  86mins
  • Mandelson: The Real PM?


    Dir/prod.: Hannah Rothschild. UK. 2010. 75mins
  • Upside Down: The Creation Records Story


    Dir: Danny O’Connor. UK. 2010. 101mins
  • The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople


    Dirs: Chris Hall, Mike Kerry. UK. 2010. 105mins
  • Fire in Babylon


    Dir/scr: Stevan Riley. UK. 2010. 83mins
  • In Our Name


    Dir/scr: Brian Welsh. UK. 2010. 90mins
  • As If I Am Not There


    Dir/scr: Juanita Wilson. Ireland-Macedonia-Sweden. 2010. 105mins.
  • Jasmina


    Dir/scr: Nedzad Begovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2010. 89mins
  • Cirkus Columbia


    Dir/scr: Danis Tanovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina-France-UK-Slovenia-Germany-Belgium-Serbia. 2010. 115mins
  • The Ghost Writer (aka The Ghost)


    Dir: Roman Polanski. Fr-Ger-UK. 2009. 128mins.
  • Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief


    Dir. Chris Columbus. US. 2009. 119mins.
  • His & Hers


    Dir/editor: Ken Wardrop. Ireland, 2009, 80 mins.
  • sex&drugs&rock&roll


    Dir. Mat Whitecross. UK. 2009. 113mins.
  • The Hurt Locker


    Dir. Kathryn Bigelow. US, 2008, 124 mins.
  • The Last Flight (Le Dernier Vol)


    Dir. Karim Dridi. France. 2009, 84 mins.
  • City of Life


    Dir. Ali F Mostafa. UAE. 2009. 97mins
  • Cartagena (L’Homme De Chevet)


    Dir. Alain Monne. France, 2009. 120 mins.
  • Nativity!


    Dir/scr Debbie Isitt. UK. 2009. 105mins.
  • Today's Special


    Dir. David Kaplan. US. 2008. 99mins.
  • 1 Day


    Dir/scr. Penny Woolcock. UK. 2009. 101 mins.
  • Bunny And The Bull


    Dir/scr Paul King. UK. 2009. 101 mins
  • Nowhere Boy


    Dir. Sam Taylor-Wood. UK. 2009. 97 mins.
  • Fantastic Mr Fox


    Dir: Wes Anderson. US, 2009. 87 mins.
  • Mugabe And The White African


    Dirs. Lucy Bailey, Andrew Thompson. UK. 2009. 94 mins.
  • Headhunter


    Dir/scr. Rumle Hammerich. Denmark, 2009. 100 mins.
  • From Time To Time


    Dir/scr Julian Fellowes. UK. 2009. 95 mins
  • 44-Inch Chest


    Dir. Malcolm Venville. UK. 2008. 91 mins.
  • I Am Love (Io Sono L'Amore)


    Dir. Luca Guadagnino. Italy, 2009. 119 mins
  • Lourdes


    Dir/scr. Jessica Hausner. Austria/France/Germany, 2009. 99 minutes.
  • Fame


    Dir. Kevin Tancharoen. US. 2009. 107 mins.
  • Venice and Toronto show their different strengths


    The two festivals worked well together this year, says Fionnuala Halligan.
  • Perrier’s Bounty


    Dir. Ian Fitzgibbon. Ireland/UK. 2009. 88 mins.
  • Creation


    Dir. Jon Amiel. UK, 2009. 108 Mins
  • Venice reaches mid-way in a brighter mood, helped by "unexpected gems"


    At its halfway mark, Venice 66 Competition has turned the tables on last year, with Marco Mueller’s sixth selection revealing some unexpected gems and few - if any – disappointments thus far.
  • South Of The Border


    Dir. Oliver Stone. US/Spain 2009. 78 mins.
  • Valhalla Rising


    Dir/scr. Nicolas Winding Refn. Denmark/UK, 2009. 90 mins
  • Accident (Yi Ngoi)


    Dir. Soi Cheang. Hong Kong, China, 2009, 86 mins.
  • Locarno's new artistic director Olivier Pere reveals fest overhaul


    In his first move as artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival, Olivier Pere has overhauled the selection committee and dropped a competitive strand – Ici Ailleurs will not be a part of the 63rd Locarno fest, which runs from August 4-14 next year.
  • Desert Flower


    Dir/scr. Sherry Hormann. Ger-Austria-Fr. 2009. 124 mins.
  • The Road


    Dir. John Hillcoat. US. 2009. 113 mins.
  • Grande expectations


    The Locarno International Film Festival (Aug 5-15) is burnishing its reputation for distinctive arthouse and indie programming with a line-up filled with tales of the unexpected.
  • Julie & Julia


    Dir/scr. Nora Ephron. US. 2009. 123mins.
  • G-Force


    Dir. Hoyt Yeatman. US. 2009. 88 mins.
  • The Agent


    Dir. Lesley Manning. 2009. 84 mins.
  • Mad, Sad & Bad


    Dir/scr. Avie Luthra. UK. 2009. 90mins.
  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince


    Dir. David Yates. US/UK 2009. 153mins.
  • Crying With Laughter


    Dir/scr Justin Molotnikov. UK. 2009. 93mins.
  • Avatastic


    Fionnuala Halligan takes the temperature of events in her weekly blog.
  • Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs


    Dir. Carlos Saldanha. US, 2009, 93mins.
  • Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen


    Dir.Michael Bay. US. 2009. 149mins.
  • Looking For Eric


    Dir. Ken Loach. UK/Fr/Belg/It/Sp. 2009. 116mins.
  • A Prophet tops Screen Jury chart as Cannes reaches mid-way


    With the 62nd Cannes Competition at precisely the mid-way point, overall reaction to this year’s selection is warm so far.
  • Cannes Competition Blog


    Fionnuala Halligan blogs on the Competition titles straight from the Palais des Festivals.
  • Year of the heavyweights


    Cannes has invited the A-list world of cinema to a festival that is ready to excite critics and prise open dusty wallets.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine


    Dir. Gavin Hood. US, 2009, 108 minutes
  • State Of Play


    Dir: Kevin Macdonald. US/UK. 2009. 118mins.
  • Shifty


    Dir. Eran Creevy. UK. 2008. 90 mins.
  • The Boat That Rocked (Pirate Radio)


    Dir/scr. Richard Curtis. UK, 2009. 134 mins.
  • The Damned United


    Dir. Tom Hooper. UK. 2009. 97mins.
  • Reviews - Happy Tears


    Parker Posey squares up to reality.
  • Happy Tears


    Dir/scr: Mitchell Lichtenstein. US. 2009. 96mins.
  • The Young Victoria


    Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee. US-UK. 2008. 104mins.
  • The International


    Dir: Tom Tykwer. US-Ger. 2008. 118mins.
  • Chris Paton joins Fortissimo in acquisitions and development role


    Well-known industry veteran Chris Paton has joined Amsterdam/Hong Kong-based Fortissimo Films as Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development with immediate effect.Paton, the former Vice Chairman of DDA Public Relations, will be based in London and work on centralising Fortissimo's international team to source new product, continue the development of current projects and look for new production opportunities.Fortissimo ...
  • The One Man Village (Samaan Bildayaa)


    Documentary. Dir. Simon El Habre. Lebanon, 2008. 86 mins.
  • Pomegranates And Myrrh


    Dir/scr. Najwa Najjar. Palestine, 95 mins
  • Marina Of The Zabbaleen


    Documentary. Dir/prod: Engi Wassef. Egypt, 2008, 70 mins
  • Masquerades


    Dir. Lyes Salem. Algeria/Fr, 2008. 92 mins.
  • Inkheart


    Dir. Iain Softley. Ger/UK/US. 2008, 106 mins.
  • The Children


    Dir/scr.Tom Shankland. UK. 2008. 84 mins
  • Telstar (2007)


    Dir. Nick Moran. UK, 2008. 114 mins.
  • Franklyn


    Dir/scr. Gerald McMorrow. UK 2007. 95 mins
  • New Town Killers


    Dir/scr. Richard Jobson, UK, 2008, 98mins.
  • Bronson


    Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn. UK, 2008. 92 mins.
  • Quantum Of Solace


    Dir. Marc Forster. UK/US. 2008. 106mins
  • In focus - Pusan Review - Pushed for space in a crowded scene


    Everybody says it, everybody knows it: the autumn festival circuit, which bows out with Rome and London this week, is too crammed. Yet the situation staggers on from year to year, with festivals pointing frantically to their record numbers of world premieres. Even after Venice, Toronto and San Sebastian had unveiled their debuts, Pusan hit the fray with 85 world premieres out of 315 features screened - a higher tally than ever before.
  • Frost/Nixon


    Dir. Ron Howard. US/UK 2008. 122 mins.
  • Breathless


    Dir/prod/scr: Yang Ik-june. SK. 2008. 130mins.
  • Rembrandt's J'Accuse


    Dir/scr: Peter Greenaway. Neth. 2008. 86mins.
  • Nucingen House


    Dir/scr: Raoul Ruiz. Fr-Ch. 2008. 87mins.
  • Himalaya, Where The Wind Dwells


    Dir/scr: Jeon Soo-il. SK. 2008. 95mins.
  • Awaking From A Dream


    Dir/scr: Freddy Mas Franqueza. Sp-Pol. 2008. 100mins.
  • Oishii Man


    Dir: Kim Jeong-jung. SK. 2008. 98mins.
  • Dim Sum Funeral


    Dir: Anna Chi. US-Can. 2008. 94mins.
  • Miao Miao


    Dir: Cheng Hsiao-tse. HK-Tai. 2008. 83mins.
  • Da Da's Dance


    Dir: Zhang Yuan. China. 2008. 92mins.
  • The Gift To Stalin


    Dir. Rustem Abdrashev. Kazakhstan/Russia/Poland/Israel 2008. 97 mins.
  • How To Lose Friends & Alienate People


    Dir: Robert Weide. 2008. 109mins.
  • The Baader Meinhof Complex (Das Baader Meinhof Complex)


    Dir Uli Edel. Ger. 2008. 149mins.
  • The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas


    Dir: Mark Herman. UK-US. 2008. 94mins.
  • Venice: A critical review


    Rather than dwelling on Venice 65, the festival's artistic director Marco Mueller was keen to emphasise that things will be different for Venice 66. This year he 'chose to gamble on innovation and invention rather than repeat what has been successful in recent years'.
  • Venice Film Festival confirms permanent date change


    The 65th Venice Film Festival artistic director Marco Muller has confirmed that next year's festival will open later, on September 2. More significantly, he said that the shift to the first Wednesday in September would be a permanent one. That means that, while the next two years will not see a significant change from previous years in the Venice and Toronto axis, the festivals could effectively overlap in 2011, with Venice starting on Wednesday September 7, 2011, and Toronto ...
  • The Wrestler


    Dir: Darren Aronofsky. US. 2008. 105 mins.
  • Rachel Getting Married


    Dir: Jonathan Demme. US. 2008. 116mins.
  • Paper Soldier


    Dir: Alexey German Jr. Russia. 2008. 118mins.
  • Teza


    Dir-scr: Haile Gerima. Ethiopia-Germany-France. 2008. 140mins.
  • I'm Gonna Explode (Voy A Explotar)


    Dir-scr: Gerardo Naranjo. Mexico. 2008. 106mins
  • Vegas: Based On A True Story


    Dir: Amir Naderi. US. 2008. 102mins.
  • Ponyo on the Cliff By The Sea (Gake No Ue No Ponyo)


    Dir-scr: Hayao Miyazaki. Jap. 2008. 101mins
  • Wild Child (2007)


    Dir Nick Moore, UK, 2008, 98 mins.
  • Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging


    Dir. Gurinder Chadha. 2008. UK . 100 mins.
  • Meet Dave


    Dir. Brian Robbins. US. 2008. 90 mins
  • The Edge Of Love


    Dir. John Maybury.UK. 2008. 112 mins.
  • The Incredible Hulk


    Dir. Louis Leterrier. 2008. US. 112mins.
  • Blindness


    Dir: Fernando Meirelles. 2008. Brazil-Canada-Japan. 118mins.
  • Flashbacks Of A Fool (2007)


    Dir. Baillie Walsh. UK. 2008. 104mins.
  • Dangerous Parking


    Dir Peter Howitt. UK. 2007. 109mins.
  • A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures


    Dir. Chris Waitt. UK. 2007. 89mins.
  • Welcome To The Sticks (Bienvenue chez les ch'tis)


    Dir Dany Boon. Fr. 2008. 106mins.
  • Horton Hears A Who!


    Dirs. Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino. US. 2008. 88mins
  • Fox buys UK and Australian rights to Scorsese's Stones documentary


    20th Century Fox International has picked up UK, Australia and New Zealand rights to Martin Scorsese's upcoming Rolling Stones documentary from international sales agent Fortissimo Films.
  • Mister Lonely - Set report - Only the lonely


    It has been a decade since Gummo and a good eight years since Julien Donkey-Boy, and Harmony Korine is finally back behind the camera with Mister Lonely. He co-scripted the story about celebrity impersonators - the key characters being "Michael Jackson" and "Marilyn Monroe" - with his younger brother Avi, the first time the writer of Kids has collaborated on a screenplay. That, however, is possibly the least unusual part of Mister Lonely.
  • Project market - CINEMART 2007 project focus


    One of the surprises about the line-up of projects in the 24th CineMart (January 28-February) is the number of high-profile directors - Stephan Elliott and Kim Ki-duk, for example - scattered among the more traditional CineMart arthouse fare. Therefore budgets overall look higher, capped by Elliott's Black Oasis at $7m (EUR5.5m), although CineMart co-heads Bianca Taal and Marit van den Elshout insist the level will never rise above their $7.8m (EUR6m) cap. With 800-850 industry attendees ...
  • The Binger Filmlab - 'Youth is our main focus'


    In the heart of Amsterdam, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science-backed Binger Filmlab is doing its part to help 'quality' films along, both from the Netherlands and internationally.
  • Falafel


    Michel Kammoun turns in a freshly confident feature debut with Falafel, which won second prize at the recent Dubai International Film Festival late last year. Set during one night in present-day Lebanon - imagine an Arabic-language After Hours - it's funny and energetic, dispensing insights without preaching them.
  • Rotterdam announces full Tiger competition, with 7 world premieres


    The Rotterdam International Film Festival (Jan 24-Feb 4) has announced the final 15 competitors for this year's Tiger Awards for first or second films, which include seven world premieres. A further 25 films will compete for the short film Tigers.
  • Dubai opens with increased industry ambitions


    The thirdDubai International Film Festival has opened with a premiere of Bobby and evident grand plans to becomean industry centrepoint of the Middle East. As Cairo's festival wrappedwith honours going to Zhang Jiarui'sThe Road and Marrakech saw its top prize going to DominikGraf's The Red Cockatoo - heavyweight Dubainow ...
  • Cinemart to present 46 projects to 800 partners


    The world's largestco-production market, Rotterdam'sCinemart, has announced its line-up for the 24th edition, which will run fromJan 28 to Feb 1, 2007.
  • Cape Town honours King And The Clown


  • Fortissimo takes on sales for Children Of Glory


  • Starter For Ten


  • Starter For Ten


  • Strike (Die Heldin Von Danzig)


  • All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


  • All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


  • Antonia


  • Asif Kapadia to start True North shoot in Denmark


    Shootingis set to commence in Norway next week on Asif Kapadia's new feature TrueNorth. StarringMichelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and newcomer Michelle Crusiec,True North will be sold internationally byFrench label Celluloid Dreams.Based ...
  • Memento signs up Jia's Venice winner


    Paris-basedsales agent Memento Films has moved to sign up Venice Golden Lion winner StillLife, directed byChina's Jia Zhangke.Mementohas also come on board Jia's documentary East (Dong), which played in Venice's Horizonssection.It ...
  • Seville lands The Bubble in Canada


    Pierre Menahem's ScalpelFilms has sold Canadian rights to Eytan Fox's The Bubble to Seville Pictures.The Bubble, Fox's follow-upto Walk On Water, has itsinternational premiere in Toronto as a Special Presentation.The ...
  • Japan wakes up to Sleep


    Fortissimo Films has logged its first major deal on the New Crowned Hope project I Don't Want To Sleep Alone. Playing in Toronto, the Tsai Ming-liang drama competed at Venice and has been picked up for Japan by Prenom H.
  • The Lives Of Others (Das Leben Der Anderen)


    Dir/scr. Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck.Ger. 2006. 137mins.
  • San Sebastian's Spanish selections include The Backwoods


    Spain's premiere festival, San Sebastian, has unveiled a raft of new Spanish directorialtalent in its first line-up announcement. Filmax's 1970s-set$5.6m Spanish thriller Backwoods,with Gary Oldman, Virginie Ledoyen, Paddy Considine and Aitana Sanchey-Gijon, directed byBasque first-timer Koldo Serra,is perhaps the most splashy debut but will play outside competition in ...
  • Locarno's line-up boasts more US films


    The full line-up for the 59ththLocarno International Film Festival (Aug 2-12) hasbeen unveiled, marked by a boost in US fare underlined by opening film Miami Vice, final night film Little Miss Sunshine and two Sundancetitles in the International Competition.
  • Celluloid Dreams racks up robust Cannes sales


  • Scalpel takes on sales for Loktev's Day Night Day Night


    Pierre Menahem'sParis-based Scalpel Films has picked up worldwide rights to a second Cannes title - the anticipated suicide bomber drama Day Night Day Night by Julia Loktev, which is screening as part of Directors Fortnight.
  • Celluloid Dreams sets up shop in the UK


    French sales label CelluloidDreams is to open a London office, with JanineGold as vice president of acquisitions and sales overseeing UK material andmanaging the Paris-based sales team.
  • Scalpel picks up rights to first Paraguayan film in 30 years


    PierreMenahem's Scalpel Films has picked up international sales rights to the firstfilm from Paraguay in more than three decades, the Cannes title Hamaca Paraguaya.
  • Scapel Films scores raft of sales for football drama


    Pierre Menahem's Paris-basedScalpel Films has scored a raft of sales on Icelandic gay football comedy-dramaEleven Men Out following its Berlinale Panorama screening.
  • China-led crossover epics 'draining' Asia dry


    Mid-budget producersin Asia are facing a crisis as investmentdollars are drained into mega co-productions, leading to a "drought" of talent,according to Applause co-founder Peter Chan Ho-sun.
  • Lion Rock roars into China


    Producer Terence Chang is moving full-steam into Chinawith three mid-budget films to be shot on the mainland - all of them on top ofJohn Woo's 2007 production of Battle Of Red Cliff, set to be China'smost expensive film ever.
  • Fortissimo game for Tian's Go Master


    Fortissimo Films has boardedTian Zhuangzhuang's highly-anticipated The Go Master, taking international rights outside China.
  • Celluloid Dreams doing brisk international sales with Offside


    French sales company Celluloid Dreams has reported strong internationalsales on Berlinale Jury Prize winner Offside, with a US deal also close to being announced.Offside, directed by Jafar Panahi, is set during the Iran-Bahrain World Cup qualifierwhere female football fans disguise themselves ...
  • New pan-African co-production market for Sithengi market


    A new pan-African co-production market will be launched at this year's Sithengi Film And TV Market in Cape Town.The African Co-Production Forum is an initiative between Sithengi and various international and African funds andfestivals to select two projects to pitch at Rotterdam's co-production ...
  • Fortissimo picks up world sales on Waiter


    Fortissimohas picked up world sales on Waiter,the Dutch-HK-based sales company's fourth venture with director Alex van Warmerdam.Producedby Marc van Warmerdam, the film has recently wrappedand is in post-production.Themovie ...
  • Garai is Ozon's English Angel


    Casting has been locked in on Francois Ozon'sEnglish-language debut Angel, with Romola Garai to star alongside BerlinaleJury president and Ozon regular Charlotte Rampling. Celluloid Dreams is handling the film in Berlin.
  • Rapid sales for Roehler's The Elementary Particles


    Celluloid Dreams has announced 15 territory sales on Oskar Roehler's Competition titleThe Elementary Particles, tocompanies including France'sTFM, Momentum in the UK,Canada's Sevilleand Lucky Red in Italy.Particles ...
  • Celluloid Dreams secures rights to Sundance smash


    Celluloid Dreams has picked up worldwide rights to Sundancesmash Quinceanera.
  • Celluloid Dreams strikes a deal with Hammer And Tongs


    French sales house Celluloid Dreams is to part-finance and sell the nextproject from UK film outfit Hammer And Tongs - also known as GarthJennings and Nick Goldsmith.
  • Kosslick predicts big business at new-look EFM


    The European Film Marketopens today in its new centre at the Martin Gropius Bau (MGB) with Berlinale directorDieter Kosslick estimating a 100 percent increase infilm executives attending Berlin over 2005, both inside theofficial venues and out.'I'm completely confidentthat it will work and people ...
  • Kelly Reichardt, Manuel Nieto Zas and Han Jie win Tigers


    Kelly Reichardt's Old Joy, Manuel Nieto Zas's The Dog Poundand Walking On The Wild Side, by Han Jie, have won the three VPRO Tiger Awards at this year'sRotterdam International Film Festival.
  • Rotterdam CineMart reports brisk business on 45 projects


    Rotterdam's international co-productionmarket CineMart wrapped its 23rd edition on a high note last night,with general praise for the overall quality of the 45 productions being pitchedto 800 producers, financiers and sales agents at the Dutch city port.
  • Celluloid Dreams starts sales for The Elementary Particles


    French sales agent CelluloidDreams has kicked off sales on Berlin Competition entry The Elementary Particles, with Lucky Red picking up the Oskar Roehler-directed title forItaly, ABC/Cinemien taking Benelux, Ekaterinburg Art weighting in for Russia and HollywoodClassics coming on board for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Marilyn Manson to direct, star in Lewis Carroll feature


    Rocker Marilyn Manson will attend Berlin'sEuropean Film Market to present his directorial debut to buyers - $4.2m ( 3.5m Euros) Phantasmagoria - The Visions Of Lewis Carroll,in which Manson will play the author of Alice In Wonderland.
  • New projects for NoDream Cinema and Mantarraya Producciones


    NoDream Cinema, headed up byMexico's Carlos Reygadas, and Jaime Romandia's Mantarraya Producciones are upping their collaboration to back fourupcoming projects, all budgeted around the $500,000 mark.
  • Celluloid Dreams strengthens sales slate for Berlin


    French sales agentCelluloid Dreams is flexing its muscles pre-Berlin, boarding yet moreEnglish-language productions in advance of the European Film Market.
  • Michael Auret CEO of Sithengi steps down


    Michael Auret, headof the South Africa's SithengiFilm and TV Market and the Cape Town World Cinema Festival, has stepped downafter wrapping Sithengi's 10th anniversaryedition.Auret took over at Sithengi in 2001 and set up the concurrent film festival in2002; last year Sithengi logged 1700 delegates whilethe festival ...
  • Marc Evans' Snow Cake to open Berlin Film Festival


    MarcEvans' drama Snow Cake, starring AlanRickman and Sigourney Weaver, will open the Berlin Film Festival in Competitionon February 9.Thefull Competition line-up is now almost complete, with 23 out of 26 titlesannounced and a further three to be revealed at the end of the week.Worldpremieres ...
  • Daniel Burman's Family Law to open Berlin's Panorama


    TheBerlin Film Festival's Panorama section is set to open with the world premiereof Daniel Burman's Family Law (Derechode Familia), in an initial swathe of filmsannounced by the section yesterday.
  • US film-makers join race for Rotterdam's Tigers


    Americanfilm-makers are making a return to Rotterdam (Jan 26-Feb 5), with two USfeatures in the running for the VPRO Tiger Awards, announced today.
  • Thema plans to build new studio in St Petersburg


    Thema, the Luxembourg-based productioncompany, is rapidly ramping up its activities - opening a new,5,000-square-metre state-of-the-art studio in St Petersburg, Russia bySeptember and starting a UK operation headed up by formerentertainment lawyer Kami Nagdhi.
  • A New Day In Old Sana'a


  • Wong Kar-wai to head Competition jury for Cannes


    HongKong auteur Wong Kar-wai will head up the Competitionjury for the Cannes Film Festival this year (May 17-28), it was announced today(Jan 4).
  • ID Distribution and Scalpel Films form alliance


    France's IDDistribution and Scalpel Films have announced a strategic alliance for 2006, movingtowards co-production alongside French distribution activities andinternational sales.Led by Isabelle Dubar and former Celluloid head of sales Pierre Menahem respectively, ID and Scalpel have picked up Israelidirector ...
  • Sighvatsson swoops on Scanbox


    LosAngeles-based film producer Sigurjon "Joni"Sighvatsson has taken over Scandinavian filmdistribution company Scanbox Entertainment A/S,acquiring 75 percent of its shares.
  • Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World


  • Dubai festival ends with buzz about international shoots


    Thesecond Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) wrapped on an optimistic notein the Gulf state on Saturday, with a palpable buzz surrounding the DubaiStudio City project and several high-profile expressions of interest in filmingthere following on from Warner Bros' recent shoot for Syriana.
  • World premiere for Albert Brooks at the Dubai Film Festival


    AlbertBrooks became the first US film-maker to world premiere his film at the DubaiInternational Film Festival yesterday - with the potentially controversialtitle Looking For Comedy In The MuslimWorld, a sub-$25m cross-cultural comedy bankrolled by Steve Bing's Shangri-La Entertainment.
  • The Dubai International Film Festival opens with controversial drama


    The second Dubai InternationalFilm Festival has stepped up its bid to become a centre of cultural debate inthe Middle East with the gala opening of its second edition and theGulf premiere of a decidedly controversial film - Hany Abu Assad's suicidebomber drama, Paradise Now.
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe


  • Hidden soars at EFA awards


    Michael Haneke'sHidden (Cache) was the big winner atSaturday night's European Film Awards in Berlin,making off with five awards, including best film. TheFrench-Austrian-German-Italian ...
  • Dubai announces line-up; Paradise Now to open festival


    Headinginto its second year, the Dubai International Film Festival (December 11-17)has announced an expanded line-up of 98 Middle East and international films,kicking off with Hany Abu-Assad'ssuicide bomber drama Paradise Now,and culminating with the closing night gala of Christian Carrion's Merry Christmas.
  • Fortissimo gets ready for Battle


    Dutch-HongKong-based sales agent Fortissimo Films is to plunge deeper into the territoryit carved out on Seven Swords by investing in the US$16m martial artsepic A Battle Of Wisdom, directed by Hong Kong's Jacob Cheung.
  • Bridge opens for Fortissimo


    Dutch-HK-based sales agent FortissimoFilms has reported a string of sales on documentary The Bridge, which itpicked up at AFM. Directed by Eric Steel and following the stories of peoplewho decided to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge in 2004,the film has already sold to Japan (Tornado), Village Roadshow (Australia andGreece), Brazil (Imagem) and Mexico (Film House), apart from Matalon in Israeland Portugal's Lusomundo.
  • Brooks' Muslim comedy to world premiere in Dubai


    In an unusual move, AlbertBrooks' new film Looking For ComedyIn The Muslim World will have its world premiere at the Dubai InternationalFilm festival ahead of an early-2006 US release through Warner IndependentPictures.
  • EFM announces record sign-up levels


    Asthe AFM draws to a close, Berlin's European Film Market (EFM) has announced arecord 240 companies signed up to take part in the event (Feb 9-19).
  • Rotterdam to host a record 30 Bals-supported titles


    The upcoming Rotterdam Film Festival has selected 36 filmprojects to receive funding from the Hubert Bals Fund - as a record thirtycompleted fund-supported titles are set to screen at the festival itself (January25-Feb 5).
  • 3 Needles


  • Twelve And Holding


  • Something Like Happiness (Stetsi)


    Dir/scr: Bodhan Slama.2005. Cz Rep. 100mins.
  • Czech Happiness rules over San Sebastian


    Something Like Happiness (Stesti) has won top honoursat the San Sebastian International Film Festival, taking the Golden Shell forBest Picture and the Best Actress award for Ana Geislerova.
  • Hard Times (Malas Temporadas)


    Dir. Manuel MartinCuenca. Sp. 2005. 115mins.
  • Twelve and selling: Cuesta drama logs first deals


    Hot Toronto title Twelve And Holding, directed byMichael Cuesta, has sold to several major territories, including the UK, Franceand Australia.
  • Germany, Japan tap heels to Saura's Iberia


    Carlos Saura's latest dance extravaganza, Iberia, hassold to 14 territories following its world premiere in Toronto, led by deals inGermany, France and Japan.
  • CrossDay strikes raft of sales on Shooting Dogs


    Demonstrating that anappetite still exists for cinematic insight into the 1994 Rwandan genocide,producer CrossDay Productions has sold Michael Caton-Jones's drama ShootingDogs to a raft of international territories, including Japan and the UK.
  • Mayhem lands at Fortissimo


    Fortissimo Films has pickedup worldwide rights outside Australia/NZ to black comedy Suburban Mayhem,directed by Australia's Paul Goldman (Australian Rules), andproduced by Lea Churchill Brown with The Piano's Jan Chapman executiveproducing. Icon will distribute in Australia/NZ.
  • Pride & Prejudice


    Dir Joe Wright. 2005UK-US-Fr. 127mins.There'sno question that 19th-century English novelist Jane Austen still has shapelylegs. Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility (1995) enjoyed seven Oscarnominations (including best picture) and $134m box-office worldwide, $43m fromthe US alone, while Colin Firth owes his career to a 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice ...
  • Warner Bros Japan swoops on Seven Swords


    In a coup for sales agentFortissimo Films, Warner Bros Pictures Japan has boarded Tsui Hark'sVenice-opener Seven Swords, which screens in Toronto on Sunday.
  • The Maid screams up Singapore record


    Fortissimo pick-up The Maid hasbecome the top-grossing horror title in its native Singapore, passing $1.1m (Sing $2m)at the weekend.
  • McGregor, Okonedo, examine their Sexual Nature


    Scenes Of A Sexual Nature, made for less than £500,000 andstarring 17 of Britain's top actors including Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo,Gina McKee, Eileen Atkins and Hugh Bonneville, is set to wrap next week onLondon's Hampstead Heath.
  • San Sebastian unveils Spanish titles set for competition


    The San Sebastian InternationalFilm Festival (September 15-24) has unveiled four Spanish titles set to competefor this year's Golden Shell.
  • F For Film takes Friday


    French seller F For Film has acquired world rightsto the French/Belgian co-production Friday Or Another Day (Venredi Ou UnAutre Jour), a last-minute entry to Locarno's International Competitionline-up.
  • Armendariz's Obaba to open San Sebastian


    San Sebastian filmfestival will open with the premiere of Spanish director MontxoArmendariz's Obaba, which willalso compete for the Golden Shell award.
  • Dogwoof barks at UK theatrical windows


    Dogwoof Digital, therecently-formed arm of new UK distributor Dogwoof pictures, has announced itwill simultaneously release the low-budget feature EMR in cinemas, overthe internet and on DVD in a first for the UK market.
  • Sony Pictures set to board Woo's $50m Red Cliff


    John Woo and Terence Chang's Lion Rock Productions is inadvanced negotiations with Sony Pictures for worldwide rights outside Japanand Taiwan for Woo's China-set blockbuster The Battle Of Red Cliff.
  • The Longest Penalty In The World (El Penalti Mas Largo Del Mundo)


  • The Longest Penalty In The World (El Penalti Mas Largo Del Mundo)


  • Almost Brothers (Quase Dois Irmaos)


    Dir: Lucia Morat. Braz-Fr-Chile. 2004. 102mins
  • Almost Brothers (Quase Dois Irmaos)


    Dir: Lucia Morat. Braz-Fr-Chile. 2004. 102mins
  • The Wolf (El Lobo)


    Dir. Miguel Courtois. Sp. 2004. 122mins
  • Tapas


    Dirs/scr: Jose Corbacho,Juan Cruz. Sp. 2004. 94mins.
  • Cannes contenders limber up for festival competition


    Which film will open the 58thedition of the Cannes festival on May 11'
  • The Interpreter


  • The Interpreter


  • Duck Season flies off with Mexican Oscars


    FernandoEimbcke's Duck Season (Temporada de Patos) has won 11 Ariel awards atMexico's Oscar-equivalent ceremony.
  • Valiant


  • Valiant


    Dir: Gary Chapman. US-UK.2005. 76 mins.
  • Fortissimo rolls with Pen-ek's Invisible Waves


  • The Magic Roundabout (La Manege Enchante)


    Dirs: Dave Borthwick, Jean Duval, Frank Passingham. 2005. UK-Fr. 81mins
  • I Am Cuba, The Siberian Mammoth (Soy Cuba, O Mamute Siberiano)


  • Olga


  • Grupo Novo hatches South American release plan


    Brazilianproducer-distributor Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV has entered into a joint venturewith Argentina's Artikino Pictures to release Brazilian films throughout SouthAmerica.The joint venture, to benamed Group Novo Latinoamerica, will be based in Buenos Aires and plans todistribute between six and 10 Brazilian films in Argentina, Uruguay, ...
  • Mammoth doc excites Brazilian Film Market


    The second annual Brazilian Film Market has wrapped inthe country's capital of Brasilia, with 68 features, 81 documentaries and 154shorts being presented to 23 international TV and film buyers from 11countries.The marketran concurrently to Brazil's oldest film festival, the Brasilia Film Festival,now in its 37th year and wrapping on Tuesday.Buyers ...
  • Foreign Oscar race heats up as deadline looms


    As Friday's (Oct 1) deadline for Oscar foreignlanguage film submissions draws close, the Academy has received a raft of bids- including Thailand's The Overture,Korea's Tae Guk Ki and Austria's Antares and Serbia-Montenegro's Goose Feather - for contention.
  • Allen's Melinda set for big push in UK


    Fox International is planning a big UK push for WoodyAllen's Melinda And Melinda following the film's positive reception lastweek at the San Sebastian Film Festival.Fox will release the film in the UK on January 28, withits launch backed by a touring Allen and members of the cast.Allen's last two films have had an unenthusiasticreaction in the UK - Anything Else took just £352,900 and HollywoodEnding ...
  • San Sebastian to open with Allen's Melinda


    The world premiere of Woody Allen's new film, Melindaand Melinda, is set to open Spain'sSan Sebastián Film Festival on September 17.
  • Former BVI chief Zapata takes over at DeAPlaneta


    Former BVI chief AlvaroZapata has been appointed executive president of Grupo DeAPlaneta, the giantproduction-distribution company established by Italy's DeAgostini and Spain'sGrupo Planeta in 2000.
  • First Run checks out Torremolinos 73 for US


    Spain's Sogepac has sold all US and Canadian rights onits quirky comedy Torremolinos 73 toFirst Run Features.
  • Spanish film enjoys upswing in admissions


    Intheir exhaustive annual analysis of the entertainment sector in Spain publishedyesterday, the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) and the FundacionAutor have pinpointed a rise in fortunes for Spanish films in 2003 - to 15.8percent of the market, up from 13 percent in 2002. However, overall, they foundaudience figures for all films are still down despite a rise in screens.
  • Banderas to direct Los Ingleses in Spain


    Antonio Banderas has confirmed that he will direct his nextfilm in 2006 - in his native Spain.
  • Telespan 2000 readies Other Side Of The Bed sequel


    Independent production company Telespan 2000, headed byTomas Cimadevilla, has confirmed it is to go ahead with the sequel to TheOther Side of The Bed (El Otro Lado de La Cama).
  • Amenabar's Sea tipped for Venice slot


    Out to Sea (Mar Adentro), Alejandro Amenabar's eagerly-anticipated follow-up to TheOthers looks set for a Venice festival slot with the news that it will openin Spain on September 3.
  • Spain's Lauren files for credit protection


    Beleaguered Spanish distributor-exhibitor Lauren AudiovisualHoldings, parent company of Lauren Films and Lauren Distribution, is operatingas normal, despite filing for credit protection late last week.
  • Filmax consolidates market position as revenues rise


    After a capital expansion of Euros 50m in September 2003from public sector sources, Filmax Entertainment consolidated its position inthe market last year according to its annual results, announcing revenues ofEuros 91.8m, a 11.4 percent hike from 2002 revenues.
  • Spain's Telespan 2000 wins bank cash injection


    Telespan 2000, leading Spanish producer of box office hits TheOther Side Of The Bed, Torremolinos 73 and FootballDays, has completed a restructuring whichincludes a cash injection from local savings bank Banco Gallego in return for20% of the company. Bed and Football Days director David Serrano also becomes a shareholder. The othertwo partners remain as before - producer Tomas Cimadevilla and businessman JoseHerrero de Engana. This follows Telespan's move ...
  • Spanish film-makers look to boost ties with Germany


    Spanish producers have met with their German counterparts aspart of the Madrid's fourth German Film Festival to propose changes to aco-production deal signed in 2002.
  • Spanish industry unites against pirates


    Spain's entire audiovisual sector has banded together tolaunch a fully-fledged attack on the pirates which it claims cost the industryEuros 700 million in 2003.But evenas the ICAA film institute, the producers lobby FAPAE, the authors rights'collection society EGEDA and anti-piracy body FAP were announcing details of anad campaign to drive the pirates out, copies of The Day After Tomorrow ...
  • Spanish broadcasters pledge to invest in film


    Spain'sregional public broadcasters have signed a pact to invest Euros 30m over thenext three years in the acquisition, production and co-production of Spanishfeature films, TV movies, pilots, animated series, pilots and short features.The dealis a renewal of the accord struck in 1999 between FORTA, an umbrellaorganisation for eight regional ...
  • Spain allies with France in piracy move


    Spain's new culture minister Carmen Calvo has lent herSocialist administration's support to long-held French moves to lower statetaxes on cultural products including DVDs and CDs in a bid to counter piracy.
  • Ex-San Sebastian chief to take over Spain's ICAA


    The former head of the San Sebastian International FilmFestival, Manual Perez Estremera, is set to head up Spain's major state filmbody, ICAA.Left-wingnewspaper El Pais has leaked the news that Perez Estremera, a formerfilm critic responsible for relaunching San Sebastian in 1993, will beconfirmed as head of the Instuito de las Ciencias y las Artes Audiovisuales(ICAA) in the next ...
  • 2046 too late for the press


    The officialCannes press screening for Wong Kar-wai's competition entry 2046tomorrow morning at 8.30 am has been cancelled, Palais officials have confirmed.
  • Brando returns - as himself


    Shooting is due to startthis summer in LA for the 5.5m Brando And Brando, producer Norma Heyman(Dangerous Liaisons) ofHeyman-Hoskins Productions confirmedyesterday.
  • Lusomundo swallows up Filmax slate


  • Spain's Arcadia turns to English language


    New Barcelona-basedproduction outfit Arcadia Pictures, in the market with the recently-completedEuros 3 million The Birthday, hasannounced two new English-language pictures to shoot in 2005 and 2006.
  • UGC takes Bielinsky's Aura to UK


  • Lolafilms tunes up for Isi/Disi sequels


  • Luna zeros in on $18m Moscow


  • Chilean director shoots in Palestine for Vision


  • Lolafilms readies English pair


    Spanish producer Lolafilmsis storming ahead with two Euros 10m English-language productions - includingvenerable helmer Carlos Saura's new film.
  • John Woo kicks off UNICEF project


    LA-based director John Woois to visit the Croisette for the first time on Saturday as part of aninternational film-making project for the Children's relief agency UNICEF.
  • Reding backs Europe wide Film Commission network


    Spanish-backed moves to set up a European Film CommissionNetwork have gained ground with news that European Commissioner for Culture,Viviane Reding, is backing the initiative.
  • Son Of The Bride director's latest to premiere at Valladolid


    Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella's Luna de Avellaneda (The Moon of Avellaneda) will open the 49th Valladolid International Film Festival on October 22.The move mirrors the career path taken by Campenella's last film, the Oscar-nominated Son of the Bride (El Hijo de La Novia), which won the festival's top prize and public choice award and went on to international box office success.The picture, a Euros 1.2m co-production between Argentina's Pol-Ka, SB Producciones, ...
  • San Sebastian to reprise film 'rescue' initiative


    TheSan Sebastian Film Festival has confirmed it will stage Films in Progressduring this September's event, aiming to help struggling Latin American andSpanish film-makers complete their pictures.
  • Hector wins top awards at Malaga festival


    The Seventh Malaga Film Festival's top award has gone to Hector, with AdrianaOzores also taking Best Actress for her part in the Gracia Querejeta-directedmovie about a young boy who has to choose between living with his aunt or hisfather in Mexico after his mother dies.
  • Spanish cinema on ambassadorial mission


    The Spanish film producers body FAPAE wants to open special film officesin Spain's embassies and consulates around the world, starting next year, aspart of new proposed measures to promote their industry.
  • Gallo apologises for 'disastrous' Brown Bunny


    A chastened Vincent Gallo apologised yesterday to financiers and audiences for his film The Brown Bunny, which had a disastrous reception at Cannes.
  • Vincent Gallo defends his Bunny


    Although The Brown Bunny left critics cold - it is currently the worst-rated competition film ever to be judged by Screen International's critics' jury, behind both Johnny Depp's The Brave and Mathieu Kassovitz' Assassins - producer-director-actor-writer-editor-camera operator Vincent Gallo lifted the press out of mid-festival doldrums yesterday with a rousing defence of his work.
  • Vincent Gallo defends his Bunny


    Although The Brown Bunny left critics cold - it is currently the worst-rated competition film ever to be judged by Screen International's critics' jury, behind both Johnny Depp's The Brave and Mathieu Kassovitz' Assassins - producer-director-actor-writer-editor-camera operator Vincent Gallo lifted the press out of mid-festival doldrums yesterday with a rousing defence of his work.
  • Matrix Revolutions aims for global day, date - and hour - release


    Producer Joel Silver is aiming for a global day, date and hour release for the third Matrix installment, Revolutions, on November 5.
  • Matrix Revolutions aims for global day, date - and hour - release


    Producer Joel Silver is aiming for a global day, date and hour release for the third Matrix installment, Revolutions, on November 5.
  • Hong Kong's Cheung and Law plan epic Story Of Ah-Toi


    Hong Kong on and off-screen partners Mabel Cheung and Alex Law are planning a giant leap in budget for their next production, provisionally titled The Story Of Ah-Toi, to be set in the US and written and directed by Law with Cheung producing.
  • Brosnan to broaden range with two new projects


    Pierce Brosnan and producing partner Beau St Clair have announced two new projects - romantic comedy The Laws Of Attraction and 11th century epic Legend Of Lochenbar for an autumn and early-2003 shoot respectively. Both are to star Brosnan.
  • John Sayles aims high and low for next films


    John Sayles has announced a full cast for his half-Spanish language Casa De Los Babys, which starts shooting this August at a knock-down budget of $1m - while aiming high for his next production, between $24 and $32m for the Robert Carlyle-starrer Jamie MacGillivray.
  • Norway's KF mulls options after Buena Vista exit


    Norwegian distributor Kommunenes Filmsentral (KF) is considering various survival strategies following the decision by one of its major product sources, Buena Vista, to establish its own office in the country.
  • Norway's Detector set for internet preview


    Norwegian distributor Sandrew Metronome plans to pre-screen local production Detector, directed by Pal Jackman, on the internet this Thursday, the day before its theatrical release on Friday (August 25).
  • Haugesund unveils strong Nordic line-up


    The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund claims to have its strongest ever line-up of Nordic features this year, including two Norwegian titles: Stein Leikanger's Odd Little Man and Hans Petter Moland's Aberdeen, a co-production with the UK.
  • Imax owners plan assault on Oslo cinema market


    Investment company Norway Cinema Group (NCG) - which operates Oslo's Imax theatre - is challenging the local authorities' dominance of the Oslo exhibition market with plans for a 10-screen multiplex scheduled to open in 2003.
  • Fox to launch Norwegian distribution arm


    20th Century Fox is continuing its expansion in Scandinavia with the launch of a Norwegian distribution arm, at the same time ending a long-term output agreement with local independent distributor KF.
  • SF Norge mulls lawsuit against Oslo Cinema chief


    Norwegian distributor SF Norge is considering suing Oslo Cinema managing director Ingeborg Moreaus Hansen after she launched a blistering attack on Liv Ullmann's latest picture Faithless in the Norwegian daily Dagsavisen.
  • Norway's Zwart to direct Wolff for Universal


    Norwegian director Harald Zwart has been signed to direct Universal's Wolff And Byrd, also known as Supernatural Law, based on Batton Lash's comic-book about two lawyers who specialise in macabre cases.
  • S.O.S. leads nods for Norway's Amanda Awards


    Thomas Robsahm's S.O.S. leads the field in the nominations for the Norwegian Amanda Awards - Norway's equivalent of the Oscars - picking up nods for best picture, best actress and the pan-Nordic Amanda Award.
  • Norway's Quart music fest becomes movie launchpad


    Norwegian film distributors are increasingly using the country's largest music festival - the Quart festival in Kristiansand - as a promotional platform for new releases. This year the event is being used to showcase highly-anticipated Norwegian title Detector, from first-time director Pal Jackman.
  • Holst lines up adaptation as second feature


    Norwegian director Marius Holst is developing an adaptation of an Ingvar Ambjornsen short story - Oyenstikkere - as a follow-up to his successful debut feature Cross My Heart And Hope To Die.
  • Star Wars, staff cuts boost Kinematografer profits


    Norwegian exhibitor Oslo Kinematografer, owned by Oslo City Council, has posted a pre-tax profit of $696,000 (NKr6m) on turnover of $21.5m (NKr185m) for the 12 months to December 1999.
  • Norway gains Vitofilm production, consultancy shop


    Former Danish Film Institute director Mona Jensen and Gunnar Svensrud, a former consultant for the Norwegian Film Institute, have launched an Oslo-based production and consultancy outfit Vitofilm.
  • Norway launches summer box office assault


    The Norwegian film industry has joined forces on a project called Summer Cinema (Sommerkino) to boost cinema admissions during the summer months when long daylight hours keep audiences out of theatres.
  • Norway postpones funding revamp


    Norway's incoming culture minister, Ellen Horn, has pushed back the restructuring of the government's film financing policy from May to autumn, to take on board recommendations from directors' association, Norwegian Film Directors (NFD).
  • Bornedal, Holst team up for Dina adaptation


    Danish director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch) is attached to direct an adaptation of best-selling Norwegian novel Dina's Book for Danish producer Per Holst. The $10m English-language project is set to start production in September.
  • Norsk Film set for reform


    The Norwegian film industry is hoping that incoming culture minister Ellen Horn, appointed March 17, will continue with her predecessor's policy to transform state-owned film body Norsk Film into a single independent production fund.
  • Norway's producers call for end to cinema monopoly


    The Norwegian Film and TV Producers Society (NFTPS) has called for the abolishment of legislation which allows local authorities to control the handing out of licences to run cinemas in Norway.
  • Svensk moves into Norwegian exhibition


    Svensk Filmindustri Norge (SF Norge), the Norwegian arm of Scandinavian distributor Svensk Filmindustri, has unveiled plans to move into exhibition by opening cinemas in seven Norwegian cities.