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MPA APSA Fund awards $25,000

Jafar Panahi [pictured] among the recipients.

Tugg's Nicolas Gonda & Pablo Gonzalez

Broad Green invests in Tugg

Gabriel and Daniel Hammond’s ambitious finance, production and distribution upstart has led a Series A investment round in the cinema-on-demand player.

Yu Dong

Tembusu, Cheng, Yu launch $100m China Media Fund

The fund was launched at the Singapore Media Festival.

Phil Hunt

Phil Hunt, Head Gear Films

London-based Head Gear Films is having a boom year backing larger-scale films starring the likes of Julianne Moore and Mickey Rourke. Phil Hunt tells Michael Rosser about fostering more relationships with the US.



Film Fund Diversity Advisor

£43,143 - £50,472 pro rata

Chief Executive Officer

Total remuneration ~£100,000 + up to 15% annual at risk bonus