Harry Potter held off the Pevensie children of Narnia with anestimated $51.9m weekend haul on more than 11,200 prints in 56 markets thatbrings the running total after four weekends to $414m.

In the only new opening through Warner Bros Pictures International,Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire grossed $837,000 including previews on 37 prints in Israel forthe biggest industry of all time in the country.

France led the key holdoverswith a number one $11m second weekend haul from 950 prints with approximately1.6m admissions that raised the cumulative total to $32.9m.

Australia produced $4.1m from 552 prints for $15.8m after two,while South Korea generated $4.5m from 486 screens and only fell 13% for $12.9mafter the same amount of time.

In Japan Goblet Of Fire added $6.6m from 858 prints for $41.3m after three. In otherthird weekend results Italy, Spain and Brazil grossed $2.4m from 890 for$22.7m, $1.8m from 531 for $19.1m,and $1.3m from 550 for $22.8m respectively.

In its fourth weekend thechildren's adventure added $3.7m from 1,170 prints in Germany for $49.9m, $3.5m from 1,050 in the UK for $69.9m, and $955,000 from 654 in Mexico for $18.7m.

The next major releases are Hong Kong on Dec 22 and Russia on Dec23.

The Chronicles Of Narnia was the second biggest international picture of the weekendfollowing a mighty $42m launch through Buena Vista International (BVI)on 2,008 screens in 13 territories.

The results - which BVI claimed were all number one openings -were led by the UK, where the children's fantasy adaptation generated $16m on499 screens for the fourth biggest industry opening of all-time for anon-sequel.

Spain produced $7.5m on 359 for the third biggest industry debutever behind local hit Torrente 3 and Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Germany produced $6m on 860 and Mexicogenerated $5.9m on 396 for the industry's fifth biggest ever launch.

The list continues with $1.4m on 232 in Brazil, $1.1m on 89 inAustria (an all-time top 20 opening), and $1m on 78 in New Zealand, which wasthe biggest ever launch for a non-sequel and the industry's all-time sixthbiggest debut.

Narnia grossed$1m in German-speaking Switzerland - which alone was bigger than the nationwidelaunch of The Incredibles - and $720,000 on 35 in Malaysia for the fifth biggest industrydebut ever.

Chicken Little added $11m for a $57.5m international running total, powered by a$4.5m debut in France on 420 screens.

Italy added $1.6m for $5.1m in its second weekend to rank third,and Spain added $875,000 in its fourth weekend for third place and an $8.7mcumulative total.

Argentina opened on $765,000 from 120 for BVI's biggest everanimated launch and the industry's second biggest animated opening behind Shrek2, which like Narnia was directed by Andrew Adamson.

The thriller Flightplan became BVI's third and the industry's 20th picture to cross$100m this year after adding $3.2m for $100.2m. The UK added $1.2m for $8.8m inits third weekend to rank third.

BVI also opened Memoirs Of A Geisha in Japan, the only territory it has apartfrom the UK. The epic drama, which of course is set in Japan, grossed anestimated $2m.

DreamWorks International's romance Just Like Heaven added an estimated $5.3m through UIP foran $18.3m running total.

UIP opened 11 new markets at the weekend, lead by $325,000 on 40in Belgium and $270,000 on 57 in the Netherlands. Germany added $910,000 for$2.4m and Spain stands at $3m following a $750,000 haul.

Universal's action horror title Doom added $800,000 through UIP for a $22.7minternational running total, powered by a $480,000 UK haul from 235 sites inits second weekend for $2m.

There are 15 territories still to open including Spain on Dec 30,Italy on Mar 10 and Japan on Apr 1.

The period romance Pride And Prejudice stands at $43m from nine territories sofar and is yet to open in 46, while comedy Nanny McPhee has amassed $28.7m in the UK and opens inthe rest of the world next year.

Thriller The Constant Gardener stands at $17.1m through UIP to date(Universal has it in 12 territories), while The 40-Year-Old Virgin has grossed $58.7m and goes out in itsfinal market of Italy on Jan 13.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) The Exorcism OfEmily Rose added $5m on2,550 prints in 57 territories for a solid $51.5m international running total.

Japan and South Korea are set to open in March and SPRI executivesare eyeing a $60m-$70m finish. The family adventure Zathura opened in Japan on $800,000.

Fox International did not report this weekend.