Warner Bros PicturesInternational (WBPI)'s Superman Returns burst on to the international scene with an outstanding $20m weekend haul from just 1,750 prints in 11 markets that generated 5.06million admissions.

Opening number one in allits markets, the epic took $5.2m and 795,741 admissions from 303 prints in SouthKorea, and $3.8m and 525,843 admissions from 409 in Australia.

The Man of Steel flew highin a number of smaller Asian markets, where results were uniformly strong. ThePhilippines generated the second biggest debut in industry history behindSpider-Man 2 on $2.5m and 1,261,766 admissions from 81 prints, while Taiwanproduced $1.6m and 212,089 admissions from 151.

Thailand produced $1.5m and480,936 admissions from 204; India generated an incredible $1.5m and 784,884 admissions from 274; Singapore produced $1.2m and 223,261 admissions from 73; Malaysia generated $830,000 and 323,679 admissions from 73; and Indonesia produced $692,000 and 237,507 admissions from 55 prints.

Puerto Rico produced$657,000 and 122,750 admissions from 73 for Warner Bros' sixth biggest debut,and New Zealand generated $377,000 and 77,937 admissions from 81. WBPI isstaggering the roll-out and opens the picture in South Africa this weekend,followed a week later by the UK, France, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, amongothers.

Poseidon generated $5.8m and approximately 1.1millionadmissions from more than 3,700 prints in 50 territories to raise theinternational tally to $96m.

Warner Bros/VillageRoadshow's romance The Lake House added$2.6m from more than 1,000 screens in 12 territories for $6.3m.

The romance opened numberone in Spain on $849,000 and 127,000 admissions from 225 screens, while theMexican debut generated $309,000 and 81,251 admissions from 150.

Buena Vista International (BVI)'sCars added $15m for a $42.5m internationalrunning total, ranking number one in 17 territories.

The Pixar animated familytitle opened in Mexico on $4.6m from 800 screens to score Pixar's biggest debutin the territory. In other number one debuts Japan produced $3.5m; Brazilgenerated $800,000 for the third Pixar opening ever in the territory; Argentinagenerated $660,000; and Portugal produced the third biggest Pixar debut ever on$250,000. Venezuela produced the biggest ever opening in the franchise on$280,000.

After four weekendsAustralia stands at $10.2m, while after three France has amassed $7.6m andRussia stands at $3.8m.

BVI's Scary Movie 4 added $2.9m for $80.9m, an impressive tally for acomedy that compares well to the $89m domestic final total.

DreamWork's animated featureOver The Hedge added $9.6m from1,842 sites in 22 territories through UIP to raise the running total to $37.7m.

The picture opened top inthe UK on $5.8m from 504 venues, and opened in Hong Kong on $769,000 from 54. The$37.7m tally includes South Korea, which is not handled by UIP and has reached$5.6m.

Universal's The Fast AndThe Furious: Tokyo Drift grossed $6mfrom 1,665 sites in 20 territories for an early $24m tally. The result was poweredby a number one $2m debut in Russia on 350 sites that was 100% bigger than theprevious instalment and 75% bigger than the original.

It opened in second place inMexico on $1.2m from 308 sites. The UK added $950,000 from 409 for $8.5m after threeweekends and is expected to pass the final gross ofThe Fast And The Furious this week.

The Break-Up added $3.2m from 1,026 sites in 14 territories for an$18m international cumulative total. It opened in Brazil in second place on$450,000 from 300 sites. France stands at $2.7m after six weekends and Mexicohas reached $3.2m after three.

United 93 added $310,000 from 384 sites in three territoriesfor a $7.6m tally.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) The Da Vinci Code crossed $500m on Wednesday (June 27), adding $5.4m after the weekend on4,430 prints in 68 territories to reach $507.1m.

This is now the 11th biggestinternational gross in history after it appropriately overtook IndependenceDay's $506.2m. Japan remains the biggest territory on$71.6m, followed by the UK on $54.1m and Germany on $45m.

The Adam Sandler comedy Click added $2.3m on 334 screens in three territories foran early $7.2m running total. Australia, traditionally a strong market forSandler, is the only major market where SPRI has opened the picture so far andit added $2m for $6.5m.

Fox International's X-Men:The Last Stand crossed $200m afteradding $2.4m on 4,900 scenes in 16 territories for a $201m tally.

The Omen added $1.6m on 3,600 screens for $60.5m; Garfield:A Tale Of Two Kitties raised itstotal by $1m to $4.6m; The Hills Have Eyes added $962,000 for $19.1m; and Just My Luck grossed $3.4m for an early $9m running total.