A Spanish farmer is forced to fight as a soldier for Franco’s Falange in Andalucia where he comes across a donkey that he tries to help survive through Spain’s civil war.

Prod companies: Gheko Films (Spain), Gheko Films Sur (Spain), Integral Films (Germany), Workhorse Entertainment (UK)

Backers: TVE, UK Film Council, Irish Film Board, Canal Sur Television, Instituto de Credito Oficial, ICAA

Producers: Alejandra Frade, Bruce St Clair, Alfred Hurmer, Tristan Lynch, Tim Palmer, Michael Radford, Cat Villiers

Budget: $10m

Director: Michael Radford

Screenplay: Juan Eslava Galan adapts his own novel with Radford taking co-writing credits

DoP: Ashley Rowe

Production Design: Sophie Becher    

Art Director: Jonathan McKinstry

Cast: Maria Valverde, Mario Casas, Jesus Carroza, Secun De La Rosa, Pepa Rus, Jorge Suquet

Locations: Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain

Shooting from when until when: From August 31 - October 2009

Contact: Bruce St Clair, +34 91 799 4875