Announcing the company’s biggest Cannes line-up yet, president of international Scott Bedno said the Neve Campbell thriller centres on a man whose seemingly normal life slowly descends into madness.

“We are very proud to introduce The Glass Man to our buyers in Cannes,” Bedno said. “In fact, I feel our slate of six new titles has something for everyone and I’m looking forward to being very busy at the market.”

The roster includes Christopher Lambert action film Blood Shot, about a vampire who becomes a CIA assassin, zombie comedy Detention Of The Dead, creature feature Millennium Bug, Return Of The Killer Shrews and futuristic action story Wasteland.

“When you add in our recent films such as the Mischa Barton comedy Beauty And The Least and our family-dog 3D movie, I Heart Shakey 3D, 2012 will prove to be our best year ever,” Bedno said, adding: “Let’s just hope the Mayans were wrong.”