An existential metaphor about death and pain. Inspired by Nietzsche’s experience in the Italian city of Turin.

Prod companies: TT Filmuhely (Hungary), Vega Film Production (Switzerland), Werc Werk Works (US), Zero FictionFilm (Germany), MPM Film (France)
Backers: Eurimages (EU), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany)
Producers: Gabor Teni
Intl sales: Fortissimo Film Sales
Director: Bela Tarr
Screenplay: Bela Tarr, Laszlo Krasznahorkai
DoP: Fred Kelemen
Production Design: Agnes Hranitzky  
Art Director:
Cast: Janos Derzsi, Erika Bok, Volker Spengler
Locations: Hungary
Shooting from when until when: March 2008–Dec 2009 
Contact: Gabor Teni, TT Filmmuhely, 
Status: In Production