Fox International's The Day After Tomorrow followed up last weekend's record bowfor a non-sequel with an impressive $55m, raising the picture's internationalrunning total to $178.5m.

Without Japanese previews the weekend haul was $53.3m. Opening topin Japan, the picture grossed $8m including previews on 631 screens for Fox'sthird biggest ever bow excluding previews.

It also opened number one in Korea on $3.5m on 317 for thedistributor's biggest opening there. Fox International executives estimate thepicture will finish in the $300m-$350m international total range.

The picture held well at the top in Australia despite a 44% dropon $2.7m on 402 for $8.7m. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban has not opened Down Under yet.

Other strong holds saw the UK add $6.1m and drop 48% for $27.5m,while Germany added $5.5m and dropped 36% for $18.8m and France grossed $3.2mfor $10.2m. Rankings for all three were unconfirmed, however Prisoner OfAzkaban is top in allthree markets.

Italy added $2m and fell 48%for $9m to rank second, Mexico added $2.7m despite a 49% drop for $11.2m andsecond place, while Spain raised its total by $2.9m for $10m and fell 47% foran unconfirmed rank. Brazil fell 36% on $1m for $3.5m and an unconfirmed rank.

The Day AfterTomorrow stayed top inChina on $1.3m for Fox's second biggest second weekend ever, dropping 43% for acommendable $4.1m cumulative score. Hong Kong dropped a mere 27% and alsostayed top on $952,000 for an excellent $3.6m total.