It was all about Hollywood's hottest pairing this weekend as MrAnd Mrs Smith starringBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie launched on an estimated $31.2m on 3,635 screensin more than 35 territories through Fox International.

The comedy thriller scored a raft of impressive number one debuts,led by a $7.1m opening in the UK on 446 screens and an extraordinary $3.9mMexican launch on 824 that was the distributor's fourth biggest opening thereever.

Mr And Mrs Smith grossed a remarkable $3.6m on 178 in Taiwan for Fox's secondbiggest launch ever and the industry's 11th biggest, as well as an equallyimpressive $1.2m on 68 in Hong Kong that was Fox's third biggest ever.

The picture opened on a mighty $4.7m on 356 in Australia for Fox'ssixth biggest ever debut and the second biggest of the year behind EpisodeIII.

Brazil produced $1.6m on 401 for Fox's sixth biggest opening ever,while the distributor recorded seventh and eighth biggest historical launcheswith $727,000 on 55 in Singapore and $659,000 on 60 in New Zealandrespectively.

Sweden yielded $850,000 on 82 for the second biggest launch of theyear behind Episode III,and Argentina produced $402,000 on 82.

Mr And Mrs Smith added $1.2m in Eastern Europe through Summit Entertainment and $1.2m in Regency's German-speaking markets and the Middle East.

Meanwhile Episode III added $19m for $340m through Fox International. Highlightsincluded $2.9m on 487 in the UK for second place and a thunderous $65.8m, $3.6mon 937 in France for first place and $46.9m, and $3m on 1,162 in Germany for$42.1m and another number one hold.

Spain stands at $20.9m after staying top on $1.4m from 495, whileAustralia ranked second on $1.5m from 444 for $23.5m, and Mexico ranked secondon $718,000 from 591 for $14.5m.

Kingdom Of Heaven raised its international running total by $2.2m for $138.8mthrough Fox International. Combined with France and Italy the figures rises to$157.8m.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy added $4m through Buena VistaInternational (BVI) for a $32.6m international running total, powered by anumber one German debut that produced $2.7m. The picture also opened top inAustria on $275,000.

The Pacifier grossed $3.9m for just under $73m through BVI. The key driver wasFrance with a top five debut on $1.6m, while Argentina yielded $125,000 andfourth place in its opening weekend. The UK stands at $6.2m after threeweekends.

Miramax International's Sin City raised its total to more than $25m through all distributors at the weekend. Through BVI, the picture added $1.8m for $8.7m in the UK, and $724,000 for $3.2m in Italy. Released through Pan Europeene in France, it added $1.2m for $4.2m.

DreamWorks' Madagascar took $3.1m from 587 sites in 12 territories through UIP foran $11m running total.

Despite decent openings in Hungary, Croatia and Trinidad, thechief driver remained Russia, which in its second weekend added an excellent$1.8m from 247 sites for $6m to become UIP's biggest picture ever in themarket.

Universal's The Interpreter opened second in France through Studio Canal on $2.1m, whichwas enough to make it the top ranking release in Paris and the suburbs.

Overall the thriller has grossed $70m through UIP territories and$72.1m including France. There are five territories remaining including Italythrough Eagle Pictures in October.

After eight weekends in Germany The Interpreter stands at $9.5m, Spain has produced $7.8mafter nine, the UK has yielded $7.1m after nine, and Japan stands at $3.4mafter three.

British comedy The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse fell two places to seventh in its secondweekend in the UK, adding $428,000 for $1.9m.

The Longest Yard grossed $1.9m on 518 screens in two markets through Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI), raising the international cumulative total to$7.6m.

The prison comedy added $1.5m on 258 in its second weekend inAustralia for $4.7m and third place, while Mexico added $425,000 on 260 afterthe same amount of time for $4.7m and third place.

Kung Fu Hustle added $2.1m on 1,059 screens in 11 markets for a $72.1minternational running total.

France opened in fifth place on $925,000 on 339. Spain added$355,000 on 203 for fifth place and $1.1m after two weekends, while Germanygrossed $335,000 on 171 for sixth place and $1.1m after the same amount oftime.

Warner Bros Pictures International's horror title House Of Wax grossed $2.9m on approximately 1,792 screens in 33 countries for a $21.9m international running total.

Key drivers were Germany, which added $529,500 for $1.5m in its second weekend, and the UK and France, which in their third weekends added $463,000 for $4.6m and $381,100 for $2.3m respectively.

Constantine stands at $154m while Miss Congeniality 2 has grossed $52.8m from its run to date.