Fox International's DieAnother Day scored three number oneopenings over the weekend to boost its international running total to $225m. InNorway the picture left the market shaken and stirred with a fine $1.2m bow on89 screens that was the biggest opening of all time in the territory for Fox,MGM and a James Bond picture. Opening in Taiwan, Die Another Day grossed $1.2m from 140 screens for the biggest everBond bow in the market. The Hong Kong opening yielded the biggest ever openingfor a Bond picture with $1.1m from 47 screens that was also Fox's thirdbiggest opening. The picture will open in Italy later this month and in Japanin March.

One HourPhoto opened third inAustralia on $781,000 from 157 screens while in Japan it grossed $255,000 from61 screens. Fox International also opened The Banger Sisters in several markets: it took $326,000from 181 screens in the UK; $356,000 from 152 in Spain; and $337,000 from 98 inFrance.