Total attendance at thismonth's AFM climbed by 5% to 7,212 compared to 6,834 last year, while thenumber of buyers rose 10% from 1,309 to 1,434, organisers said yesterday (2).

There were 642 registeredcompanies compared to 598 last year and the number of individual exhibitorsrose from 3,419 in 2003 to 3,672, a climb of 7%.

In addition a record 306film and television companies - including 101 debutants - exhibited at themarket, which closes today (3) and marks the final spring AFM before the switchto November.

Those countries showing thelargest increase in buyers on site were Hungary (up 160%), Russia (up 56%),Hong Kong (up 45%) and

Australia (up 31%).

Brazil also showed asignificant increase in buyers (up 32%), and despite the downturn in LatinAmerica, figures for the region remained flat.

The market returns to theLoews Hotel in Santa Monica from Nov 3-10.