Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) prehistoric epic 10,000 BC turned up trumps at the weekend and led the overseas charts thanks to a $25.3m estimated launch from 3,600 prints that delivered 19 number one debuts in 20 territories.

Combined with the film's $35.7m domestic opening the worldwide tally already stands at $61m.

Key results came from Spain on $4.5m from 472 prints, Mexico on $3.8m from 500 prints, Germany on $2.6m from 749, Australia on $1.9m from 221, Brazil on $1.6m from 300 and India, where the film topped the local charts with 59% market share of the top five on an extraordinary $1.4m from 295 prints.

10,000 BC claimed 74% total market share in Thailand on an excellent $1.2m from 165 and took $1.2m from 132 nationwide prints in Taiwan. The film opens in France, Holland, South Korea, Italy and the UK next weekend.

Elsewhere for WBPI, The Bucket List added $3.3m from more than 1,700 prints in 31 markets for $46.9m, while Sweeney Todd added $2.5m from more than 1,700 screens in 49 for $93.5m.

Fox International's sci-fi romp Jumper took another giant stride towards the $100m mark as $12.2m from approximately 4,000 screens in 49 markets brought it up to $96.1m. The film launched in Japan in second place on $5.2m including previews.

27 Dresses earned $4m from roughly 1,900 screens in 14 markets for a Fox cumulative tally of $39.1m. Juno grossed $2.6m from approximately 1,150 screens in 16 markets for a Fox running total of $45.6m

Meet The Spartans earned $3.5m from approximately 1,400 screens in 17 markets for $18.3m, while Alvin And The Chipmunks raised its tally by $291,000 from 183 screens in two markets to $135m. The Darjeeling Limited stands at $13.6m following the biggest ever launch for a Wes Anderson film in Japan that generated $90,000 from 20 screens.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) assassination thriller Vantage Point added $10.5m from 2,870 screens in 31 markets for an early $28.1m running total.

There were several launches, led by a number one $2.8m performance in the UK on 350 screens. Figures were not available yet for Japan, while Israel produced a number one result on $85,000 from 18 screens.

In the second weekend, Vantage Point ranked second in South Korea on $1.5m from 252 for $5.3m, sixth in Germany on $1.2m from 450 for $3.7m and third in Spain on $1.1m from 368 for $3.9m.

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added $5.4m from 2,675 screens in 39 markets for $46.1m. The family title opened in fourth or fifth place in Spain on $1.1m from 200 screens and launched in second place in Singapore on $270,000 from 31 screens.

No Country For Old Men grossed an estimated $6.7m through PPI from 1,863 venues in 51 territories for $60.1m.

The film opened in Argentina in second place on $235,000 from 40 screens and held in second place in Italy on $1.3m from 278 sites for $6.5m.

The Spiderwick Chronicles grossed $2.1m from 601 screens in five territories for $6.5m. There were three launches and the highlight was a $1.4m result in Mexico from 351 sites that ranked second. The Kite Runner added $1.4m from 698 in 34 for $28.4m and opened in seven territories including Spain, where it launched on $362,000 from 133 sites.

Universal/UPI's The Other Boleyn Girl added $4.7m from 980 sites in 12 for an early international running total of $7m. The period drama opened in second place in the UK on $2m from 319 venues and launched in 12th place in Germany on $445,000 from 121 and $633,000 from 149 in Russia.

There was also a strong launch in Austria on $90,000 from 27 while $120,000 from 33 in New Zealand was good enough for fourth place. The Other Boleyn Girl held well in Spain in its second weekend as $920,000 from 215 raised the tally to $2.6m.

Charlie Wilson's War grossed $1.5m from 1,138 sites in 40 territories for $41.8m. The drama added $270,000 from 110 in its second weekend in Brazil to rank fifth on $938,000 and climbed two places to sixth in its second weekend in Mexico as $176,000 from 185 venues raised the running total to $725,000. Spain generated $382,000 from 233 for ninth place on $3.3m after three.

Untraceable grossed $1.2m from 410 locations in the UK, France and French-speaking Switzerland and stands at $2.9m through Universal markets. The thriller launched in France $500,000 from 119 sites and held well in the second weekend in the UK on $670,000 from 281 for $2.4m.

Sundance opener In Bruges scored a strong number one launch in Ireland on $640,000 from 70 venues, which was bigger than the combined gross of the second, third and fourth films in Ireland.

Definitely, Maybe added $525,000 from 259 in seven for $10.3m while We Own The Night has amassed $5.3m through Universal markets. Latest figures put American Gangster on $134.5m, Atonement on $73.8m and Elizabeth: The Golden Age on $55.2m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) reported that There Will Be Blood added $3.4m from 1,088 sites for $23.2m and is expected to overtake Magnolia's $26m to become Paul Thomas Anderson's biggest overseas hit next weekend.

In the second weekend the drama added $1m for a $2m tally in France, added $800,000 from 199 UK sites for $6.7m after five, $170,000 from 69 in Australia for $1.9m after five, and reached $1m after three in Greece.

National Treasure 2 added $2.4m for $222.6m and stands at $439m worldwide. It should cross $225m internationally with the launch in China on Mar 17. France added $1.2m in the fourth for $16m.

Family film The Game Plan starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson opened in the UK on $1.6m on 500 screens. Enchanted has reached $163.2m and opens in Japan next weekend. Hannah Montana 3D stands at $400,000 from 14 international screens so far and opens in the UK next weekend.