Powerful debuts in the UK, Korea and Russia kept Warner's 10,000 BC on top in the international marketplace this weekend as the prehistoric adventure grossed an estimated $38m from 6,900 prints and topped box office charts in 30 markets.

Fox's computer animated Horton Hears A Who!, meanwhile, began its international rollout with an estimated $14.2m from 4,885 screens in 29 markets, reflecting relatively low international awareness of the film's Dr Seuss source material.

Warner Bros Pictures Intl (WBPI) reported a chart-topping $3.8m estimated opening (from 370,000 admissions) for 10,000 BC in the UK, with the Roland Emmerich-directed yarn playing at 431 sites. In Russia, the film led the field with another $3.8m (601,000 admissions), this time from 521 prints. And in Korea, it was top with $3.3m (424,000 admissions) from 212 prints.

In France, 10,000 BC opened in second spot (behind local smash Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis) with an estimated $3.4m (398,000 admissions) from 569 prints. Italy produced another number two opening with a $2.6m estimated gross (283,000 admissions) from 482 prints.

The film stayed strong in key holdover markets, dropping only 30% in Mexico to $2.9m (for a territory total of $9.1m), 49% in Spain to $2.3m (for a $7.8m territory total), 38% in Germany to $1.7m (total $5.3m), 54% in Australia to $950,000 (total $3.8m), and 33% in Brazil to $1.1m (total $3.3m).

The results pushed 10,000 BC's international total to $73m after two weekends.

Fox International said openings of Dr Seuss' Horton Hears A Who! - which coincided with the film's chart-topping North American launch - were in line with those for Ice Age, the 2002 hit made, like Horton, by the studio's Blue Sky animation operation. In some individual markets, however, the openings appeared to be well below Ice Age levels.

In Germany, Horton grossed an estimated $2.3m from 809 screens (compared to Ice Age's $7.6m), for second place on the local chart. In Spain, it took $2.1m from 475 screens, which is expected to result in a first or second place ranking.

In Mexico, Horton came in second with $1.9m from 1,088 screens (compared to Ice Age's $3.8m). In Russia it took $1.8m from 568 screens. And in Brazil it was top with $1.6m from 419 screens.

Horton was number one in another nine markets and Fox is predicting that with school Easter holidays starting and openings coming next week in the UK, Australia and 18 other markets the film is well positioned to dominate the holiday box office.

Vantage Point, from Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), pushed its international total to $40.3m by grossing an estimated $8m from 2,865 screens in 35 markets.

New openings came in Australia, which produced a chart-topping $1m from 197 screens, and Brazil, which yielded $760,000 from 137 screens.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) reported a number one opening for Enchanted in Japan, with the live-action/animated family film taking $5.6m from 323 screens, comparable to the opening in the territory of Night At The Museum. The debut pushed Enchanted's international total to $188.9m.

Also opening in Japan was No Country For Old Men, which grossed an estimated $492,000 from 41 screens, according to international distributor Paramount Pictures International (PPI). That contributed to an international weekend total for the Best Picture Oscar winner of $4.7m from 1,699 locations across 52 territories, for a running international total of $68m.

PPI also reported an estimated $4.6m from 1,565 locations across 22 territories for The Spiderwick Chronicles, taking the school holiday contender's international total so far to $11.7m.

Opening in 17 territories, the fantasy grossed $1.1m from 292 screens in Spain, 9% ahead, said PPI, of Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

PPI's The Kite Runner grossed an estimated $1.1m from 658 locations across 39 territories, for a running international total of $30.1m.

Fox International also reported a $4.5m estimated gross from 2,700 screens in 47 markets for Jumper, bringing the film's international total to $104.9m. In Japan, the film was down only 36% from its opening weekend.

Fox's 27 Dresses earned $2.1m from 1,250 screens in 32 markets for an international total (in Fox and non-Fox markets) of $44.7m. The studio's Meet The Spartans earned $1.8m from 1,220 screens in 15 markets for an international total of $21m. Juno took another $1.5m from 1,100 screens in 16 markets for a Fox-territory total $48.2m.

Universal/UPI's The Other Boleyn Girl grossed an estimated $4m at 1,127 dates in the 13 Universal territories this weekend, raising its international total to $13.1m. It opened in Australia with $775,000 from 121 dates.

Strong holdover markets included the UK, where the film was down just 27% to $1.4m from 354 dates, for a 10-day total of $4.5m.

Step Up 2 The Streets, which Universal acquired for the UK, France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, grossed $1.1m from 76 dates.

SPRI reported an estimated weekend gross of $2.6m from 1,890 screens in 35 markets for The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep, bringing the family drama to $50.3m from international markets. The film opened in Italy with $560,000 from 175 screens.

There Will Be Blood this weekend became director Paul Thomas Anderson's biggest international hit, distributor Disney said. The drama grossed $2.1m gross from 1,015 screens in 44 territories for the weekend, pushing its international total to $26.3m.

Disney also reported a $1.7m gross from 439 screens in eight territories for The Game Plan (for an international total, with all of Europe still to open, of just under $30m).

The studio's Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert took $640,000 from 76 locations in seven territories, opening in the UK with $510,000 from 65 locations equipped for 3D projection.

WBPI said The Bucket List grossed an estimated $1.9m over the weekend from nearly 1,400 prints in 32 markets, for an international total to date of $50.5m.

The distributor's Sweeney Todd, meanwhile, grossed an estimated $1.2m from over 1,100 screens in 49 markets, for an international total of $95.7m.