Buena Vista International's (BVI) old warhorse Pirates Of TheCaribbean: Dead Man's Chest registered its 11th weekend at the top of the international chartsfollowing an estimated $7.6m weekend haul.

The result from 4,387 screens in 42 territories raises the tallyto $625.6m, consolidating the picture's status as the fourth biggestinternational release in history. Worldwide it ranks as the third biggest andstands at $1.04bn.

Italy drove the weekend performance, producing a number one holdon $4.5m for $20m after 20 days.

Cars isexpected to become the seventh international release to cross $200m on Monday[Sept 25] after $4.7m from 3,521 screens in 32 raised the running total to$199.2m.

Germany generated $1.5m in its third weekend for third place on$8.5m.

Paramount's World Trade Center finished the weekend as the secondbiggest international picture as $6.1m from 1,125 sites in 11 territoriesthrough UIP raised the early tally to $8.1m.

The drama opened top in five territories, led by France on $2.6mon 415 screens. It also ranked number one in Belgium on $525,000 from 44 sitesincluding previews; Denmark on $469,000 from 60 including previews; and$350,000 from 35 in Thailand for 50% market share, despite last week's militarycoup.

World Trade Center launched in Russia on $370,000 from 180 and UIP will confirm theranking this week.

Over The Hedge added $1.5m from 783 sites in 58 territories and stands at $160mthrough UIP including non-UIP markets like South Korea and Hong Kong.

The animated feature was in fine form across Scandinavia andopened top in Norway on $702,000 from 102 sites including previews. It openedtop in Sweden on $450,000 from 112 screens including previews, and in Finlandon $135,000 from 45 sites.

Paramount's documentary An Inconvenient Truth raised its international running total by$660,000 from 196 screens in 11 territories to an early $2.1m.

The animated feature Barnyard took $666,000 from 239 venues in fourterritories for an early $909,000 cumulative total. It opened in Australia on$625,000 from 191 sites, and took $37,000 from 47 screens in New Zealand.School holidays are imminent in both territories, which should help the familyfeature.

Fox International's Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties crossed $100m as $2.6m from 2,340 screensraised the running total to $101m.

The Devil Wears Prada grossed $3.6m from 821 international screens for $7m, fired up bya $1.5m Mexican debut on 415 screens.

The comedy also opened in Brazil on $911,000 from 116, Argentinaon $175,000 from 36, and Denmark on $233,000 from 37.

Little Miss Sunshine added $1.4m from 407 screens for a $6.1m running total, while MySuper-Ex Girlfriend raisedits total by $2.5m to $25.7m.

X-Men: The Last Stand is still going strong in Japan and added $1m in the third weekendfor $8.8m. Overall the picture added $1.2m for $218.3m.

Universal gave the futuristic UK-set thriller Children Of Men its worldwide launch in the UK throughUIP and the ploy paid off as it opened number one on $2.3m from 370 sites. Thenext release is France on Oct 18.

You, Me And Dupree added $4.4m from 1,542 sites in 24 territories for $36.3m, poweredby a $1.2m German launch in 346 venues.

The Break-Up added $3m from 1,134 sites in 30 for $78.4m. The comedy opened insecond place in Italy on $1.7m from 286 venues.

Miami Vice added $2.4m from 2,134 sites in 46 for $85m with Italy and Chinastill to come. The crime thriller opened top in Singapore and Malaysia on$212,000 from 25 sites and $132,000 from 35 respectively. The picture is nowdirector Michael Mann's biggest release in 15 territories including France($11.6m) and Germany ($9.3m).

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift added $1.3m from 615 sites in 20 for $91.7m. It added $1.1m from 226 in its secondweekend in Japan and stands at $5m there, passing thefinal gross of The Fast And The Furious ($3.7m).It is expected to pass the final gross of 2 Fast 2 Furious ($6.5m) this week.

United 93 added$900,000 from 695 sites in 40 for $40.9m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's The Lake House added $3m from 920 prints for $53m. Theromance opened top in Japan on $1.6m from 273 prints.

Lady In The Water grossed $886,000, bringing its total to $23m. Itopened in Italy and Japan this week.

Superman Returns stands at $189.5m following a $602,000 weekend haul.