Leading independent financers 120dB Films and Tax Credit Finance have merged to form 120dB Films Tax Finance.

The new entity’s managing members are Stephen Hays, Peter Graham and Anthony Gudas, who aim to expand their assets and client base to cover international independent film-makers.

120dB Films Tax Finance anticipates placing and funding credits on aggregate production budgets in excess of $300m in 2010.

Hays and Graham founded 120dB Films in 2004 as a senior lender to the independent film and television industry providing gap, pre-saled, tax credits, finishing funds, P&A and bridge financing for more than 40 films and TV series with total production costs in excess of $200m.

Gudas previously managed Tax Credit Finance, which has been responsible for overseeing more than $300m in project financing since its formation in 2002.

120dB Films and TCF have worked together on a number of film and TV projects including Robert Rodriguez’s action film Machete that is currently shooting in Austin, Texas. Hyde Park International is pre-selling rights in Toronto.