Germany's Jakob Claussen (Distant Lights, Anatomie), the Czech Republic's Pavel Strnad (Year Of The Devil) and Antonio Saura (Semana Santa) are among 21 young European producers selected by the member organisations of the pan-European promotion body European Film Promotion (EFP) to take part in the "Producers On The Move" showcase at the forthcoming Cannes Film Festival.

In order to qualify for selection, the producers must have produced at least one film which was a box office hit in their native country, was sold abroad or invited to a major international festival.

The producers confirmed so are: Gabriele Kranzelbinder (Amour Fou Filmproduktion/Austria), Kristian Taska (Taska Productions, Estonia), Patrick Quinet (Artemis Productions/Bel), Pavel Strnad (Negativ/Czech Rep.), Sisse Graum Olsen (Zentropa/Den), Lasse Saarinen (Kinotar/Fin), Jacob Claussen (Claussen + Woebke Filmproduktion/Ger), Thanos Anastopoulos (Fantasia/Greece), Viktoria Petranyi (Laurinfilm/Hun), Kristin Atladottir (Isfilm/Ice), David McLoughlin (Distinguished Features/Ire), Amedeo Pagani (Classic), Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu (Minotaurus Film/Lux), Bent Hamer (BulBul Film/Nor), Maria Joao Sigalho (Rosa Films/Port), Antonio Saura (Zebra Producciones/Sp), Peter Hiltunen (Illusion Film/Swe), and Xavier Ruiz (Navarro Film/Switz).

The "Producers on the Move" initiative is part of EFP's efforts to bring the spotlight on the new filmmaking generation in Europe, including "Shooting Stars" at the Berlinale for new acting talent and the "Critics Choice" showcase for directors at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.