300 returned to winning ways as Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) action hit beat Mr Bean's Holiday by a whisker to the number one spot overseas.

The film added an estimated $32m from 6,500 prints in 61 markets to raise the tally to $173m. It shot to the top in Germany on $6.3 including previews and scored the industry's biggest April opening weekend in Australia with $4.6m from 337 prints.

Strong holdovers were a key factor in the weekend haul, as the film was expected to rank number one in Spain with $2.4m from 543 prints for $16m after three weekends. In other third weekend grosses, the UK produced $1.9m from 382 sites for $23.2m, Italy generated $1.3m from 470 for $12.1m, and France produced $1.2m from 464 for $10.8m.

Brazil was expected to deliver $928,000 from 462 for $6.3m and Warner Bros' biggest second weekend and the industry's sixth biggest.

Supernatural horror title The Reaping opened day-and-date with North American in 16 markets and took $7.1m. Highlights included $2.3m in Spain from 301 including previews, $1.5m in Mexico from 371 including previews, $853,000 in Taiwan from 74 including previews, $615,000 in Italy from 230, and $332,000 in Hong Kong from 32 prints.

The romantic comedy Music And Lyrics stands at $78.2m.

Mr Bean's Holiday delivered another excellent performance for Universal/UPI as it added $30.1m from 4,294 sites in 44 territories to raise the running total to $86.7m.

The comedy sequel's revenue rate, combined with the proliferation of national holidays on Monday [April 9] in many markets, puts it on course to cross $100m on Tuesday [April 10].

Mr Bean launched in an additional 18 territories this weekend, opening top in Italy with an excellent $2.7m from 339 sites and 25% market share that delivered the distributor's biggest launch of the year in the territory.

Elsewhere Bean opened second in Brazil on $800,000 from 140 locations, and fifth in Mexico on $1.1m from 275 sites, and has already overtaken the original's $844,000 final gross.

The comedy remained top in the UK for the second weekend in a row and added $5.7m from 512 sites for a superb $27.4m 10-day tally.

In other second weekend holdovers, Germany produced $4.6m from 845 sites and 26% market share for $11.3m, Spain generated $2.3m from 280 for $6.3m, and Australia produced $2.6m from 257 for $6.9m.

The comedy spoof Hot Fuzz added $1.3m from 542 locations in six territories for a highly impressive $46m international running total. The film opened fourth in the Netherlands on $250,000 from 49, and opened second in Russia on $325,000 from 128.

Hot Fuzz ranks seventh after four weekends in Australia after adding $352,000 from 167 sites for $4.1m, and ranks 12th after eight weekends in the UK, where it added $275,000 from 160 for $40.8m.

Romantic comedy The Holiday added $1m from 250 sites in Japan where it has amassed $7.1m after three weekends. The overall tally stands at $136.7m.

The CIA drama The Good Shepherd grossed $1.7m from 320 sites in 10 territories for $14.8m through Universal/UPI. The highlight was a $1.6m launch in Spain from 160 sites that ranked fifth.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Meet The Robinsons is gathering steam as the school mid-term holidays kicked in last week, and raised the tally by $9.5m from 3,900 sites in 36 territories to $25.7m after 10 days.

The family title climbed 2% in Spain on $1.6m for $4.4m, $1.4m in Mexico where it fell 30% and ranks second on $5.2m, and $1.1m in the UK after dropping 14% for $4.7m.

The film opened in Brazil on $850,000 and launched at number one in Hong Kong on $490,000. Last weekend Meet The Robinsons scored BVI's fourth biggest opening in Argentina and followed that up with $602,000 and a 34% that raised the cumulative total to $1.4m.

The comedy Wild Hogs took $3.5m from 1,400 sites in 10 territories for $18.5m. The performance was buoyed by a number one launch in Mexico that delivered $2.2m from 600 screens. Taiwan produced $345,000 from 40 sites in the opening weekend, while Australia generated $795,000 from 234 venues and fell 26% in the fifth weekend for $10.7m.

Paramount/PPI's Eddie Murphy comedy Norbit added $3m from 1,876 screens in 45 territories for $54m overall following an $882,000 haul from 198 screens in France.

Comedy Blades Of Glory opened in second place in the UK on $2.1m from 362 screens, which was roughly 10% ahead of the launch there of Will Ferrell's last comedy vehicle, Talladega Nights.

The revenge thriller Shooter grossed $1.2m from 472 locations in eight territories for a $3.3m tally. Highlights included a third place $335,000 launch in Singapore on 26 screens that included previews, and $106,000 from 28 sites in Argentina.

Fox International opened the sci-fi thriller Sunshine on 652 screens in six territories and grossed $3m.

The film opened in third place in the UK on $1.9m including previews, and took $267,000 from 28 screens in Hong Kong. Elsewhere it grossed $442,000 from 76 in Taiwan, $198,000 from 24 in Singapore, and $148,000 from 65 in Thailand.

Night At The Museum continues to tear up the rulebook about the unpredictability of comedies abroad, and remains a potent force in Japan. The film stayed at number one for the fourth consecutive weekend and added $1.8m from 522 screens for a $24.8m running total.

Overall, Night At The Museum has amassed $315.3m from its foreign travels.

The comedy spoof Epic Movie opened in France on $776,000 from 280 screens and stands at $32.5m overall, while the fantasy adventure Eragon took a respectable $1.4m from 354 in its opening weekend in China and stands at $170.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's family sequel Are We Done Yet' began its international run day-and-date with North America in two markets.

Mexico produced $405,000 from 250 screens to rank seventh, while Australia generated $340,000 from 175 and ranked eighth. The weekend tally amounted to $745,000

Latest figures from Lionsgate put Saw III on $82.5m. The picture remains active in 15 markets.