More than 300 features andshorts from 42 countries will screen at the 2005 Philadelphia Film Festivalwhen it runs from Apr 7-20, including eight world premieres, 10 North Americanpremieres and 13 US premieres.

Titles include Gregg Araki'sMysterious Skin, Todd Solondz's Palindromes, and the late Theo Van Gogh's final picture, Cool!

Festival strands includeWorld Focus, Spanish and Latin Cinema Now, New Korean Cinema, Cinema of theMuslim Worlds, American Discoveries, and genre banner Danger After Dark.

The Artistic AchievementAward in Acting will go to Malcolm McDowell, and the American IndependentsAward will go to Steve Buscemi. Festival organisers will inaugurate a juriedaward for first-time directors named in memory of the late founding boardmember of the Philadelphia Film Society Archie Perlmutter.

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